FULL DECK art show at the Bedford Gallery

June 25 2009 . 12:21am

Here’s a look at an upcoming art show that I’ll be participating in called FULL DECK, being held at the Bedford Gallery. Look at the line up! Artists include Mike Giant, Jeremy Fish, Mark Gonzales, Wes Humpston, Natas Kaupas, Amanda Lynn PLUS MANY MANY MORE!! I’ll be showing 6 new pieces (Mine is the Einstein on the Flyer) – 5 from the new POSITIVE MOVEMENT ALLIANCE (P.M.A.) collection of skateboards! P.M.A. is a Universal Lifestyle movement here to raise the consciousness of every community around the world.

The opening reception is Thursday, July 9th from 6:00-8:00 PM. The show itself runs from July 5-Sept 13. I hope to see you there!!! PEACE and POSITIVITY

-Chase Tafoya

Bedford Gallery
1601 Civic Dr.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Amandalynn new video documentary and more

May 26 2009 . 03:29pm

This is a link to a new video documentary clip of me working on a
project for Hattar Motors Custom Works. The release date for these
custom triumphs is Saturday May 30th.
www.hattarmoto.com  click on new videos on left hand side

I am also now setting up a new blog site to keep updated while the
new www.Amandalynn.biz is being built. It will have all new work and
events posted daily. Check out new paintings for Next Fight series…


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April 30 2009 . 03:13am

Here’s two paintings from this weekend’s upcoming show at Canvas LA, CHIROSCIRO. BTW, the entire show is B/W!

Find out more at: Reyes78.com and AmandaLynn.biz

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Amanda Lynn wants you to see something

April 01 2009 . 03:11am

A friend of mine moved to Switzerland and gave me this 6.5 ft x 9 ft blank canvas already stretched and gessoed, so I knew I had to do something important on it. This will be the largest canvas I have ever done and I wanted a really strong image. I found a pic of one of my favorite models, Sabina, and sprouted an idea from there. I am working on a series of feather paintings in hopes of doing another solo show with a lot of large scale detailed as fuck paintings. Here’s a progress of the other one I started. Thanks! Amandalynn

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1333 Minna says “THANK YOU” to all our family and friends

February 28 2009 . 05:44am

Yo Casey,

I got Goorin to give an online discount of 25% to family and friends of The Seventh Letter and KnownGallery. On the Goorin site where the hats are sold customers can enter "seventh" to get a 25% discount on the last of these styles. All are limited and will not be reproduced.

Get yours HERE

This discount ends on MARCH 7th, 2009 so get yours before it’s too late!

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