RIME Interview in Acclaim Magazine

December 21 2012 . 08:58pm

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Dylan Maddux interview in Acclaim Magazine

September 21 2012 . 06:25pm

Dylan Maddux is a man of many talents. Priding himself on knowing how to make his subjects feel comfortable, he is known for capturing genuinely raw, vivid, and powerful shots. Now working in the film realm as well, Dylan has worked with the likes of J Boog, Victor Reyes, and Mister Cartoon. Whilst Dylan definitely oozes that classic Californian feel, he’s also a man of the world having recently been involved with the Tiger Translate Arts and Music Festival in Mongolia, following his move to Cambodia a year ago. Dylan took some time out to chat with us about living outside of the US, shooting hot chicks, and what it’s like to be a white guy in Kingston, Jamaica.

Read interview at: acclaimmag.com

Find out more at: dylanmaddux.com / dylanmaddux.tumblr.com

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REYES AWR MSK interview in Acclaim Magazine

July 27 2012 . 05:31pm

Read interview at: acclaimmag.com / Find out more at: Reyes78.com

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REVOK interview in Acclaim Magazine by RuediOne

April 15 2010 . 12:21pm

By now, LA graffiti legend Revok’s ill-fated trip to Australia is infamous. Originally flown out here to coordinate an event that was supposed to be any graffiti writer’s wet dream, the overly ambitious, and seemingly under-funded venture was never to see the light of day and Revok, who had put his own reputation on the line to organise the participants from around the world was left with the unfortunate job of informing the all-star graffiti line-up that their trip to Aus would not be going ahead once the pin was pulled at the last minute.�

Ruedione (a renowned German photographer in town for the would-be event) and Revok had a lengthy discussion on the way to the Melbourne airport (where Revok was arrested shortly after arriving), on graffiti today and the creative process. Here is the discussion.

Read interview at: AcclaimMag.com

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Patrick Martinez feature in Acclaim Magazine

February 05 2010 . 05:38am

Check out photos and interview at: acclaimmag.com

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