Patrick Martinez, Aaron De La Cruz and James Roper | Even Flow at Circuit 12 Contemporary

October 02 2012 . 08:54pm

Renowned contemporary artists Patrick Martinez, Aaron De La Cruz and James Roper will exhibit original work at Circuit 12 Contemporary from October 13th through November 14th 2012.

Titled Even Flow, the show will consist of various works from each artist, including paintings, sculpture, neon and site specific installation amongst other media.

“The show’s title speaks on the honesty of touch, or the particular style of each artist participating in the exhibition.

“All of the artists in the show speak honestly to the viewer, visually.”

Even Flow will depict these 3 artists’ unique expression and approach to contemporary visual art.

Martinez’s work consists of lush and colorful paintings as well as distinct neon, and sculptural works, De La Cruz illustrates an amalgamation of art and design, and Roper’s mixed media pieces are filled with vivid colors, movements and inspiration he derives form his surroundings.

This is the first time all three artists will be exhibiting together.

Even Flow opens on Saturday, October 13th from 6pm-10pm and will be on view until November 14th, 2012. For more information, contact Circuit 12 Contemporary at 214.760.1212 or visit

About Circuit 12 Contemporary
Circuit 12 Contemporary is a Dallas-based outlet for innovative and inspired modern art. Located in the heart of the Dallas Design District, Circuit 12 provides a platform for ambitious emerging, mid-career, and internationally known artists to showcase their work. Founded by Dustin and Gina Orlando, their vision is to show and maintain a broad spectrum of contemporary art; providing not only thought provoking, but unmistakably original, and ground breaking two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, new media and site-specific installations.

About Aaron De La Cruz
Aaron De La Cruz’s work, thought minimal and direct at first, tends to overcome barriers of separation and freely steps in and out of the realms of design, graffiti and illustration. The parameters he has chosen to work within actually allow him to free himself and react to the very limitations he has created. This overriding structure and the lack of deliberation while moving within creates a tension when encountering his work due to the almost computer generated grid like systems he creates by unplanned markmaking. The act and the marks themselves are very primal in nature but tend to take on distinct and sometimes higher meanings in the broad range of mediums and contexts they appear in and on.

About James Roper
The Manchester, UK-based artist focuses on numerous of mediums, including fine arts, film, sculpture and digital art. His work explores a variety of subjects from the heightened realities depicted in Baroque art and modern media to the restraint and release of energy found within complex structures, such as the human body. He has exhibited worldwide, including both solo and group shows in London, Los Angeles, Milan and Barcelona.

About Patrick Martinez
Since his childhood, Patrick Martinez has always been drawing or scribbling on something. In is teenage years, Martinez discovered hip-hop culture, especially its incorporation of graffiti, which is still a huge influence on his work today. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he often depicts his hometown city in a variety of his work and focuses on the phenomenology of his surroundings. Vitality and rhythm are the essence and energy in his artwork. He was named one of the 35 most important artists of 2011 by Complex Magazine.

Circuit 12 Contemporary
1130 Dragon St. Suite 150
Dallas, Texas 75207

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Patrick Martinez | Lovely Day opening night recap by Brandon Shigeta

June 20 2012 . 08:20pm

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Photos: Brandon Shigeta

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Aaron De La Cruz at Known Gallery

June 20 2012 . 07:50pm

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Patrick Martinez | Teddy Bear made from melted guns

June 19 2012 . 08:09pm

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June 16, 2012 | Patrick Martinez and Aaron De La Cruz

June 15 2012 . 10:49am


Known Gallery is very pleased to present “Lovely Day”, a solo show by contemporary artist Patrick Martinez.

Martinez, a diverse young artist, is known for his lush colorful paintings and portraits set in the Los Angeles streets, his neon works that play on hip-hop themes, his sculptures and his limited-edition objects. For “Lovely Day,” he revisits the Los Angeles landscape. “It’s crazy to me that I wake up to beautiful days here in L.A., but they are juxtaposed with the ‘evil’ things that happen in this sublime city. That’s the inspiration for the show,” says Martinez.

For the piece upon which the exhibition is based, a still-life painting with a layer of neon, spelling Lovely Day on top, Martinez says: “I painted a bed of flowers typical to Los Angeles and took what I was doing with neon which is inspired by L.A. store fronts and combined the two. The result was the piece ‘Lovely Day,’ which was also the first piece I created in this body of work.” The theme is seldom addressed in contemporary art and one that intrigues Martinez. Many of his new works have similarly glossy exteriors with dark undertones.

Another paradox Martinez explores is the male psyche, as exemplified in his painting “Culture of Honor,” which depicts a thuggish man festooned with a child’s flotation device or “floatie.” Says Martinez: “I wanted to use a Los Angeles male archetype to present this idea: It’s a beach setting. The proud male doesn’t know how to swim, but he’s sporting this ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude – but he really does care. Moreover, he doesn’t want to drown.”

“Culture of Honor” is one of the show’s highlights, as are two vending machines, like those typically found in L.A. car washes, laundromats and liquor stores. They have been loaded with custom sculpted toys in plastic capsules cast in various materials. One of the items is a sticky hand “West Coast version,” the other is a piece of cheese and a plastic pig finger puppet. The vending machines also vend prismatic stickers with images of Martinez’s new neon pieces.

Patrick Martinez is one of the most exciting young artists in Los Angeles at the moment. He has exhibited in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, The Netherlands, Toronto and Hawaii.  Complex magazine recently named Martinez one of its “Most Important Artists of 2011” and one of its “Most Influential Artists of the Complex Decade.”



Known Gallery is proud to present “Some Thing Else,” a solo show of new works by artist Aaron De La Cruz.

For his most recent body of work, De La Cruz explores the idea of working within the constraints of a resourceful manner creating in his reproductive process a sustainable product. His work retains its signature minimal touch utilizing black ink on an applied surface as well as introducing to the viewer a more interactive and three dimensional form exploring surface. De La Cruz keeps the work non subjective, many pieces in the show are created with the intent that they can be used as “something else,” creating an interactive dialogue between the work and viewer’s imagination.

From his large matte black inverted sculptures to stark two dimensional ink paintings, De La Cruz bridges the gaps between fine art and design, the sum of its parts being simultaneously both practical and decorative. The artist’s cryptic line work invoke an archeological inquisition that is suggestive of both ancient Mayan hieroglyphics and contemporary graffiti, allowing the viewer to relate, interpret and decipher the work on their own terms.

Staying true to the show’s title, “Some Thing Else,” De La Cruz pushes his own personal boundaries with a diverse and multifaceted exhibition. Much as his crisp lines weave throughout his individual works like strings through fabric, the aesthetic elements of his unique voice find themselves manifested in a variety of mediums while remaining a cohesive and compelling whole. Furthering the artist’s amalgamation of art and design, “Some Thing Else” will also feature the debut of De La Cruz’s accessory line and custom crafted jewelry.

“Some Thing Else” will be the artist’s second Los Angeles solo exhibition following his acclaimed large scale showing at the Arkitip Project Space in 2012. More recently, De La Cruz has shown at Honolulu’s Loft in Space where he is a regular contributor to the seminal Pow Wow arts and culture annual event. In 2011, the artist was ranked one of the 25 Most Important Artists by Complex Magazine and his work has been commissioned by several high profile clients including the Toyota Prius Project. The artist lives and works in San Francisco.

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