July 26 2010 . 04:24am

Hey Casey…Thanks for reaching out. The pre-order went up today–we’re really excited. It’s the first time we’ve been able to sell direct-to-fan from our website, so we wanted to go big: if you buy anything (even the skate deck or the t-shirt), you get the digital version of the album for free. Everyone who buys anything gets that, plus access to presale concert tickets, so you get better seats (But you don’t need to worry about the seats thing–you know we’ll always have room for you and the crew at the show). And the digital versions of everything as early as humanly possible.

The skate deck is a real winner. Pro-level, skate-able quality, sick art. Hand signed by all the guys in the band, and limited to 1000 copies in the world. $99.99

As for A THOUSAND SUNS…The album is our most adventurous yet. We took a lot of risks on this one: some of the craziest sounds and a couple of the longest songs in our career. As a general idea, it’s kinda a response to what’s going on in popular music: too many people are focused on "singles" and putting things together in poppy, bite sized pieces…so we decided to do the opposite. We’re making a case for "the album." If someone wants to listen to it in pieces, it works that way…but they’ll be missing out on the experience you get on if you hear it as a whole. We really put our hearts into this one; I think it’s pretty special. It comes out on September 14th.


The pre-order for A THOUSAND SUNS is up at:

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