December, 2010

2010 Year in review – KC Ortiz photo

December 24 2010 . 05:33pm

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Happy Holidays from Stormie Mills

December 24 2010 . 05:46am

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One Night in the Philippines | Willie T

December 23 2010 . 05:20pm

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HENSE in Miami, Florida | Art Basel

December 23 2010 . 02:10pm

Just got back from Miami for 2010’s Art Basel. With the help from some really hard working friends, we wrapped an entire historic Art Deco building with some of my imagery. It took roughly about a week in a half.

Aerosol and Latex house paint on concrete.
Two sections of building. Dimensions vary.
Roughly 25×150 feet and 18×100 feet.

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Roger Gastman’s Tools of Criminal Mischief book

December 23 2010 . 05:08am


Roger Gastman’s

Tools of Criminal Mischief

Roger Gastman has created more books on graffiti culture than anyone. He’s edited and published countless artist monographs and anthologies and even served as Consulting Producer for the film documentary "Exit Through The Gift Shop".

For Tools of Criminal Mischief, Mr. Gastman has trawled his personal archive to present the quirky stories and visual oddities that inspire him personally; from the story of infamous Baltimore Graffiti Writer SHAKEN, to 1940’s hobo train art, ’70s gang graffiti, photos of graffiti writers’ personal aerosol arsenals, spray paint collectibles, ephemera and more.

In the author’s own words – " The danger, history, process, spray cans, magic markers, and the local styles are just a few parts of graffiti that I fixate on. Different aspects interest me at different times, but what always continues to excite me is the oddity – especially pedestrian graffiti and the strange pop-culture references".

112 pages

9" x 11 3/4"


265 color illustrations

Limited to 1500 Copies worldwide

ISBN: 978-1-58423-438-8




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