May, 2010

LA Art in Numbers TONIGHT

May 08 2010 . 04:28pm

LA Art in Numbers, a one night only art exhibition

Saturday May 8th, 2010 from 7-11 pm. 
Live Silk-Screening by the one and only Hit+Run Crew.

Works by the following artists will be on display:

Abcnt, Adam Harteau, Adam Padilla, Albert Reyes, Annie Madison, Ashira Siegel, Azul 213, Baby D., Billie Stone, Brandon Hopkins, Brian Viveros, Casey Andrews, Cat Cult, Cryptik, Dame, David Browne, DethKills, Drew Kuhse, Eli Sipsas, Emmanuel Coto, Etch, Euthinasia, Frohawk, Heng Leng, Janis Wales, Jason Hernandez, Jason Walker, Jeffrey Segal, John Carr, Jordan Tyson, Kathleen Walsh, Kev Hayes, Kevin Rutmanis, Kime Buzzelli, Kofie, Logan Weinsieder, Mago, Marcella Kroll, Mark of the Beast, Marty Knop, Masha Nova, Mason Brown, Matt Nosbusch, Meow, Michael Hamel, Michael Hsiung, Mike Pargas, Mike Snow, Miles Grobman, Monique Contreras, Naheed Simjee, Nichole Gawalis, Norbert Ackerman, Old Boy, Peter Young, Phylo, Rachel Pitler, Randy Ulrey, Restitution Press, Riker, Roger Lee, Ryan Mcgrath, Salvador Preciado, Sarah Sherman, Sarah Williams, Shannon Cottrell, Shark Toof, Shawn McKinney, Shayla Blatchford, Sheldon Fajardo, Sir Mak, Skullphone, Sluts One, Smog City, Stephen Mimiaga, S.Phono, Surge, Susie Shapira, Taylor Brittenham, Teddy Meyer, Thatkidpeep, Third1, Two Rabbits, Tyer, Vanessa Prager, Wham

Here is the show info:

Public Opening/Main Event
Date: Saturday, May 8, 7-11pm
Location: High Profile Productions, 5896 Smiley Drive Culver City, CA 90232
The main event promises to be one of the highlights of the Los Angeles art scene featuring live screenprinting by The Hit + Run and Los Angeles’ hottest DJs.

Recognized universally as the home of entertainment, the Los Angeles visual arts scene has quietly emerged as one of the most respected communities in the world. Whether it be influence in art or culture, L.A.’s creative force has a potent effect on people everywhere. On Saturday May 8th in Culver City, witness history at "L.A. ART IN NUMBERS" a one-night art exhibition of work by over twenty Angelenos constructing the current chapter of Los Angeles’ legacy. 

Curated by Southern California natives/artists Annie Madison & Marcella Kroll, contributing artists include Albert Reyes, Shark Toof, Kime Buzzelli, Restitution Press, Vanessa Prager, Dethkills, Skullphone, Peter Young and Mark Of The Beast. Each artist was hand-selected to celebrate their original art-making approach and aesthetic at this one-night only Los Angeles art extravaganza. Globetrotting party-starters and local screenprinting gurus The Hit+Run Crew, will also be bringing out their custom creation studio. With a $10 donation (a portion of the proceeds to benefit The Vision Center at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles) guests will receive a poster to personalize.  Choose from exclusive designs by, Annie Madison, Restitution Press, J-Sole, Kime Buzzelli and H+R Crew to make your own one-of-a-kind silkscreen print.

DJs Jeremy Sole (KCRW), Take (Brainfeeder), Valtron (Beat Swapmeet) and Toks  (Hit+Run) will be representing the progressive state of LA’s musical dimensions.  Open bar and plenty of free parking available.

More info at:

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May 08 2010 . 03:24pm

Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with his mother when he was 12 years old.
They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would
be able to live in the UK which in their eyes wasn’t such a bad place. They denied their application.

Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were again denied a green card and
were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US. They ended up staying because this is home.

On Wednesday morning, May 5th armed agents entered Kutmah’s house and detained him. He was brought to a facility in downtown LA where
he was interrogated. On Thursday he was moved to New Mexico. His case will come up against the prosecutor very soon and he may face
deportation. We need to show how important Kutmah is to the LA and US community. Please write a letter and spread the word!

Please customize the letter below and send it ASAP to

Gaby Hernandez:

Dianne Feinstein:

Barbara Boxer:

The most effective grassroots movement should be aimed at getting the attention of Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. This is
best accomplished by a press campaign, by including the names of the Senators into the actual articles and blog postings.


To Whom it May Concern:

Justin McNulty is a highly talented artist, DJ and music producer who is a beloved member of the Los Angeles creative community. For well over a decade he has devoted his substantial skills to the betterment of our community through positive, artistic actions. Mr. McNulty has selflessly donated his time and exceptional talents to numerous charitable and non-profit causes. He has garnered worldwide acclaim through these efforts based in the United States. Mr. McNulty’s individual community arts service is a testament to modern philanthropy. In an age when institutional funding is slim he has taken personal action to better our country by inspiring its citizens through progressive cultural outreach. I fully support Justin McNulty’s right to stay in the United States and urge your positive and swift action in this matter. His deportation would be a devastating loss to Los Angeles and the American arts.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Undersigned






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May 08 2010 . 05:19am

Find out more at:

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SABER – Pepper’s World- Short Documentary and Print

May 07 2010 . 04:04pm

Here’s the highly-anticipated short documentary about “Pepper’s World”, the new Mural and Print by Saber.

As the first edition of this bold, iconic style of painting, this project is sure to be an important one for years to come. Six weeks of print-making is no joke, and the results are incredible in the flesh! Enjoy the Video!

“Pepper is a true street artist in the purist sense. Hes known to some by his altar ego; the Mayor of Skid Row, and hes proud to proclaim that hes the last homeless person on the forefront of downtown LAs gentrification. He lives on Santa Fe Ave. where years ago a large tent city used to be, the last holdout.

When I was younger and creeping around downtown, I would notice these colorful, bold, and scrappy art instillations. Pepper has a habit of decorating his immediate surroundings, wherever that might be, with multi-colored paint splats, piled on discarded toys, and other purposefully arranged found objects. You can frequently catch him running around the city with his red shopping cart full of freshly discarded trinkets.

The print Peppers World, and the mural I painted on 7th and Mateo that it inspired, is in homage to his existence. I have enormous respect for those who can survive in such extreme conditions yet still be able to express themselves creatively.”

Saber AWR/MSK, 2010

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Mural at Car Wash : Art or Advertisement

May 07 2010 . 03:41pm



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