May, 2010

Tyke Witnes | Viet Nam The World Tour | Amsterdam

May 25 2010 . 02:07pm

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The Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest: “Drink Out Loud”

May 25 2010 . 04:20am

The Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest: “Drink Out Loud” is looking for innovative Angelenos to describe what Jarritos means to you. We are looking for artists of all ages to develop eye-catching works of art in any medium to express the flavor and experience of Jarritos. Each art submission must incorporate the “Drink out Loud” slogan logo and at least one of the eleven Jarritos flavors. (fruit punch, grapefruit, guava, hibiscus, lime, mandarin, pineapple, strawberry, tamarind, mango, lemon-lime).

The judge panel is assembled by Los Angeles residents prominent within the art community: Estevan Oriol of SA Studios, Raymond Roker of URB Magazine, Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises, Stephan Malbon of Frank 151, Amir Fallah of Beautiful Decay, Casey Zoltan of The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery, Mark The Cobra Snake, Retna, Brandy Flower of Hit and Run, Chris Grosso of

The winner of the Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest: “Drink Out Loud” will have their work published amongst our partner media outlets and formally displayed at the LA Downtown art walk on July 8, 2010. The recognition of your talents amongst the robust Angeleno art community will allow you to maximize your network and artistic exposure to thousands of people.

For more info:

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Photos from Rumble!! and Forced Rebellion by Willie T

May 24 2010 . 08:03pm

Photos: Willie T

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THE SEVENTH LETTER x METROPARK limited edition prints

May 24 2010 . 02:44pm

Get yours at:

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May 21 2010 . 11:20am

Richard Colman and POSE both have shows opening on May 22 in Los Angeles—the same freaking night that Zio and I have a show opening in Culver City. (Our show is about food, so you should come to ours!) Anyway, I thought since they are both fans of each other’s art and lifestyles it would be best if they talked it out. It is Chicago-native POSE’s first solo show, and his first major showing in Los Angeles. Because Richard is awesome he has had many solo shows, but it is his return to Los Angeles after nearly a three-year absence.

Roger Gastman

POSE: What do you bust?

Richard Colman: Chicago or bust.

So we both have solo shows that open the same night in L.A. Do you think you’re going to win? Does this mean we now have art beef?

I think we can work together and give the city a night it will never forget. How much do you smoke a day? Because if I don’t win the art thing, I am banking on winning the cancer race.

I’m not smoking as much these days, but since I’m a bit older I have a pretty decent head start on you and am confident I will win the race. I’m a little intimidated since you have a fancy press release already, but I’m copy and pasting now… When Roger asks you for something, then says, “I need it like yesterday,” what is the first thought that pops into your mind?

Anything else. I’m a pain in the ass that way and I like to make him sweat.

Would you be upset if KC and I were secretly reproducing your paintings just adding cooler hairdos?

No, they could use new hairdos.

My memory is getting fuzzier by the day, but I remember in 1996 or 1997 being on a road trip out west in Montana or South Dakota somewhere, possibly by an Indian Res, and seeing huge “BEAR & EVER” throwups; I think a pentagram was involved. Did you have anything to do with this or is this my imagination having its way with me?

Could be. We’ve got people out there.

I read in your press release that you have depicted some "DayGlo orgies.” Oddly enough, I attempted an epic DayGlo orgy painting, and every girl that has seen it so far—besides my wife—reacts saying I hate women (very untrue I promise). As a seasoned artist dealing in perverse imagery what might you suggest—more dude-on-dude action?

I say fuck them. Their opinion doesn’t matter. Listen to your wife.

Seriously though, what is the most absurd/annoying/interesting feedback you’ve ever had about some of your more perverse work?

People don’t really talk to me about my work.

So if I win the America’s Next Top Gallery Show contest will you get the infamous “Back to School Bear” tattooed on your neck?  If I lose I would offer getting the clam with googly eyes and an “aw shucks" banner on my lower back. Deal?

Isn’t it going to hurt getting another tattoo over the existing butterfly you already have there?

Best food you ate in Chicago?

That heart attack-inducing pork on pork on pork sandwich we ate at that place near the gallery.

Sobriety—do you ever miss blackouts?


Have you ever entered the “shame spiral” when you are sober?

Almost daily.

Who is Mando?

What is Mando?

What were you trying to get me to paint above my piece at Art Basel? Was it a tranny She-Hulk? She-Ra? Let me know because I feel like your advice could have really helped my career take off, and I’m not trying to miss the boat this year.

Just regular She-Hulk. I forget why though.

Words of advice for someone trying to live the dream, aka ditch the day job and just paint everyday?

Don’t ditch the day job. Do you know anyone who is hiring at the moment?

You have a pitbull, I have a mini pin, and Rog has two lesbian labrador retrievers. Thoughts?

The pitbull’s not mine. Do they make Snuggies for mini pins?

You coming to my show?

Yes, and I’m bringing my blackbook.

On a serious note, the work for your show looks amazing and inspiring as usual. See you there.



New Image Art Gallery
7908 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
T: 323.654.2192
Open Tuesday – Saturday, 1pm to 6pm


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