March, 2009

WiiSpray teaser of final presentation

March 31 2009 . 06:15pm

In this video you can have a short look into the final diploma presentation of WiiSpray 2nd edition on March 25th 2009 at eWerk with a small audience. Remember – this is only Nintendo Wii technics and Flash!

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REYES | Interior design

March 30 2009 . 08:01pm

Recently I undertook another interior design project, this time on a Japanese flat bed. The client loved the work so much they purchased a painting from me to complete their bedroom motif. The interior design projects are a great use of my painting abilities, keep an eye out for a new signature line of tables, benches and chairs by yours truly.

Thanks to Julio, Ann and


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DAVID CHOE is on fire in China

March 30 2009 . 04:20pm

Check out Dave’s blog HERE to see the rest.

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KRINK interview on

March 30 2009 . 03:32pm

Who knew dripping paint on a wall could get you worldwide fame! Well if you’re the mastermind behind a revolutionary brand such as KRINK you may well be on your way. Not content with regular paint and spray, Craig Costello (aka KR) set out to concoct a mixture to blow minds and fill his pockets with loot! An avid artist, KR was always on the look-out for something more – a step away from the filled-in fonts and tags that were becoming the norm in the graffiti scene. With a clever package and a simple solution, KRINK dripped its way around the globe, "allowing KR’s trademark aesthetic to develop in the hands of artist and vandals worldwide." We caught up with the man behind the brand on the eve of his first local tour!

Read the rest of the interview HERE

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March 30 2009 . 03:24pm

A superb artist in his own right, Mark Bode, son of the legendary illustrator Vaughn Bode, partnered with Spain’s Montana (aka MTN) in launching a limited edition of spray cans. Each with 400ml capacity, both adorned with Bode’s work. Limited to 500 units worldwide, the Mark Bode x MTN Artist Spray Cans will be available at selected art supplies vendors and street culture retailers.

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