December, 2008

“My Christmas Morning” from Augor MSK

December 30 2008 . 10:47pm

"My Christmas Morning” from Augor MSK

We don’t need many reasons to love Augor MSK of The Seventh Letter (Juxtapoz #78) any more than we already do, but when we got an email today from this seriously talented graffiti artist highlighting his Christmas morning last week, we were nothing short of amazed.

We’ll let Augor tell the whole story himself:

“On Christmas morning after opening gifts me and my youngin squad went to a local downtown dead rail yard to flick some stuff we did the night before,” Augor writes in his email.

"We ended up stumbling upon a homeless family, boy age 18 and mother, who drove a motor home from Oklahoma and tried to find shelter in hiding their motor home in the yard but got stuck on the train tracks. Out of the kindness of our hearts, we built a ramp on the tracks and drove it for them, with their dog riding passenger into a cut where they could rest safely…I came back and gave the kid gifts of shirts and ended up painting their van which was covered in horrible graffiti.”

Augor concludes, “Shows that we’re not just a buncha ego maniac, self-centered taggers.”

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Dr. Sex is back

December 30 2008 . 12:38am

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Red Bull Skateboarding Mural by Krush

December 29 2008 . 10:58pm

Check out time-lapsed video of Krush mural for Red Bull Skateboarding at Ryan Shecklers Skatepark

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FREEDOM isn’t FREE! Support our soldiers all over the world.

December 25 2008 . 05:06pm

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Our boy Shepard Fairey is one of GQ’s man of the year!

December 25 2008 . 04:22pm

Congrats Shepard!

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