Opening reception: February 6, 2015 | 7-10p
On view: February 6 - 21, 2015


A celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th birthday


Known Gallery

441 North Fairfax Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90036 

February 6-21, 2015


Dennis Morris’s photos of Bob Marley are widely accepted as the definitive iconic images of reggae’s king. His photographs give the viewer an insight to the soul of Marley. 

February 6th would have been Bob Marley’s 70th birthday, and to celebrate, Known Gallery will be exhibiting 15 images from Morris’s collection. Each image will echo one of Marley’s famous songs: “Get Up Stand Up”, “Burning”….


The exhibition is entitled Revolutionary Dreams as it was what Bob Marley and his songs were about: Freedom, Revolution and Love. This was a man who "knew his mission". He broke down barriers and confronted intolerance through his actions and through his rebel music. 

Morris recalls: On meeting Marley for the first time outside the Speakeasy club in London in 1975 I knew my life was to change: “Don’t let them tell you, you can’t do anything Dennis, you can be anything you want”, he gave me confidence, he gave me hope, he gave me identity, he made my dreams possible. And for million of others worldwide, he did the same. Live up Bob, the Rebel lives on.


The Exhibition: 

15 giant photographs, black and white, color, portraits, live shots and

a special limited edition Marley print by Shepard Fairey.


Dennis Morris:

Dennis Morris is a British-based artist who has used the camera to produce an in-depth body of work on extraordinary individuals. 

His work is closely associated with music, having created some of the most iconic and memorable images of Bob Marley and the Sex Pistols as well as the Marianne Faithull Broken English album cover, but he has also captured the essence of the Sikh community of Southall (UK), the collection was subsequently bought by English Heritage. He is also created the iconic Public Image Ltd logo and their first two album sleeves, including the Metal Box.


Several books of his work have been published, including Bob Marley: A Rebel Life, The Bollocks on the Sex Pistols and Growing Up Black, a chronicle of Black Britain. 

His work is well recognized and has been exhibited internationally (Today Art Museum, Beijing; Laforet Museum, Tokyo; Arles Photography Festival, France; The Photographers’ Gallery, London; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland…). 


His photographs are included in prestigious public and private collections, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and have appeared in numerous publications, including Rolling Stone, Time, GQ, Vogue, W, Frieze; Lipstick Traces: a Secret History of the Twentieth Century by Greil Marcus, Century by Bruce Bernard, and 100 Days of Active Resistance by Vivienne Westwood.