Us Versus Them x Coachella tee

April 08 2011 . 09:28pm


For the most part, the projects Us Versus Them gets involved in or sets up are sprung from their everyday lives or the friends around them.  It’s all borne out of the anti-cynical idea of incorporating into the brand the fun you have with what you do in your everyday life.  They set up art projects with friends because they inspire them.  They made our bike frame because it was what we want to ride.  So when UVT’s Mike Glory presented the team with the opportunity to design a collaborative shirt for Coachella this year it required little thought on their end.  Having been in attendance nearly every single year since it’s inception, They have been witness to the growth and changes, not only that the actual event has gone through, but it’s place in the cultural landscape.  Harking back to music festivals of decades past, it ushered in and made viable the idea of mixing modern independent rising music acts with established headliners and reuniting cult acts from the past. 

When it came down to coming up with a concept, UVT’s Graham Nystrom took a cue from the past and do a classic rock poster style design, but with a decidedly modern twist.  Using their crosscut logo as the starting point, the standard palm tree was replaced by a date palm, which is a main crop in the Coachella Valley. Their machete was replaced by drumsticks. The acid trip lettering was replaced by a stylized pixaçao rendition of Coachella.  All hand drawn, take a look. 

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