REYES still in the south of Germany

June 01 2009 . 06:15pm

I am still in the south of Germany, we are on the border of Switzerland and France and the Carhartt gallery is having me over to do an exhibit with some other amazing artists. i have been busy making paintings and Graffiti, I painted the Basel Train tracks the other evening, there are some amazing pieces to say the least! if you get the chance I suggest to give it a look as the tracks of Basel are a major scene.


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REYES | Basel x Wiel am Rhein

May 29 2009 . 11:06pm

I flew into Zurich a couple of days ago, I’m staying in Germany in a small town called Weil am Rhein. I am a guest of my friend Dare, he is putting together an art show on June 6th. I will be here till then painting and making friends with the locals. Thanks to Rudi, Stefan and the whole gang at Carhartt!

i will send more photos in a day or so.


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