Augustine Kofie – WORKING AN ANGLE opening night photos by Carlos Gonzalez

June 02 2012 . 01:44am

Photos: Carlos Gonzalez

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Augustine Kofie – WORKING AN ANGLE opening night photos by Sunny Phono

May 30 2012 . 03:26am

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Augustine Kofie – WORKING AN ANGLE | preview photos by Sunny Phono

May 26 2012 . 11:24pm


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Augustine Kofie – WORKING AN ANGLE | Exclusive preview photos

May 24 2012 . 11:59pm

Photos by: Todd Mazer

Working An Angle is a recent collection of work by Los Angeles-based artist Augustine Kofie. This will be Kofie’s first solo show with Known Gallery and will include 40 recent works including hand painted multiple screen prints, collage on wood as well as paintings on canvas and wood.

The works comprising Working An Angle feature found paper collage, clean line work, delineation of geometric forms and divisions of space with a technical precision that resembles a modernist like archtectype drafting. Kofie’s unique understanding of placement and line work results in a style of meticulous rendering that never seems cold or sterile due to the delicate sense of balance maintained within each drafted creation. Compositions incorporating found papers and ephemera from various hunts for the refuse of the past tend to help give these recent works an ‘old soul’ type vintage mood, while still holding a structural heart. Dusty pinks, mauves and mint greens compliment a muted palette to soften the sharp streaks of line work, and imparts a simple elegance to the complicated arrangements of each circular form and shape.

Half a dozen larger works will be on display as well as a number of pieces from the artists ‘Incising’ series where acrylic paintings on clayboard are lightly carved to exposing the underlining color forms, continuation in the artists curiosity with layering, movement and linear connections.

Augustine Kofie (b.1973, USA] is a self taught mixed media artist born, raised and based in Los Angeles, California. With a deep interest in process and structure, Kofie creates works of intense detail centered on the order of balance. The precision of Kofie’s “drafted” art is strongly inspired by modern architecture as well as the form and shape of deconstructed typography.  In his quest for balance, Kofie harmonizes opposing and contradictory dynamics in his work by setting futuristic compositions against vintage earth-toned palettes, and creating organically complex formations through meticulously structured line-work and layering. Active in the Los Angeles Graffiti scene since the mid-nineties, the artist’s work reflects his ever-growing influence of culture, the craft of deconstructing lettering, contemporary music as well as 1960’s-70’s iconography.

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