Video and interview from Persue/BunnyKitty

December 04 2009 . 02:06am

I spent the day with the gang from Love Machine Films a few months back. I have never been interviewed while in the act of painting before. It was a cool experience. Here is the time lapse of the wall. The interview is being finished and we should be sharing it shortly.

I have an interview in the new BornUgly skate zine as well. I talk in more detail about my history in the skateboard industry and how I found myself at Vox Footwear. I’ve contributed a lot to the skateboard world. What is a mystery to me is that it has taken me 18 years to start talking about it.
Download it here:


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March 26 2009 . 04:00pm

VOX footwear is doing these amazing projects called D.I.Y. PROJECT where they guerilla style build skate parks/graffiti yards. Be on the lookout for The Seventh Letter x VOX footwear collection with TSL Armor, Persue, Push, Norm, Reyes, Steel, Krush, Bert Krak and Ewok.

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