KEEGAN GIBBS art show at Zio Ziegler Gallery

July 30 2009 . 11:32pm

I am really excited to show a series of images I have been working on this year that revolve around one of the most important elements in my life, the ocean. The collection consists of 15 images that help illuminate the many different moods and characteristics of the ocean. If you are in the bay area this weekend, come out and have a look.

Thank you, Keegan Gibbs

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New video directed and edited by Evan Romoff of TSL FILMS

July 30 2009 . 02:47am


Find out more at: and

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New Known Gallery YouTube channel

July 02 2009 . 06:10pm

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June 15 2009 . 07:22pm

We are pleased to announce our alliance with IRONLAK paint company. After a short hiatus and skipping a couple months, THE SEVENTH DAY PROJECT is coming back in full force with all new content, artists, music and locations from all around the world.

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Evan Romoff | Custom Made | The Lost Weekend “Sunday Money”

March 25 2009 . 08:56pm

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