TAKI183.net is now launched

May 13 2009 . 08:21pm



Graffiti writers around the world know the name that started it all: TAKI 183. A kid from 183rd Street in northern Manhattan, TAKI 183’s simple signature captured the attention of a reporter and, on July 21, 1971, the article “TAKI 183 Spawns Pen Pals” appeared in The New York Times. 

Just like that, TAKI 183 became a graffiti legend, with rumors spreading that he even tagged a Secret Service car and the Statue of Liberty. Amid all the rumors, TAKI 183 remained silent. Now, almost four decades later, TAKI 183 has emerged to tell his story.

This site includes photos of TAKI 183’s work, images of his friends and contemporaries, his true story and, for the first time, official TAKI 183 limited-edition screenprints.

There are currently three screenprints available in the store: “Collage” features a design made up of the The New York Times article and various high school newspaper articles and drawings about TAKI 183; “Red Subway Tile” features an ornate tile pattern of the New York City subway walls and an original TAKI 183 paint tag; and “Blue Subway Tile” includes the tile pattern and TAKI 183 tag, plus marker tags by his mentors PHIL T GREEK the 1st, PHIL T GREEK the 2nd and GREG 69.
More TAKI 183-related projects are coming soon, so please check back often or sign up for the newsletter.

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