Interview from New York Times “On View | A Veteran Wave Rider Tells His Life Story in Art

November 03 2013 . 10:17pm


“Surfing to me is metaphysical yoga,” the surf icon-turned-art world fixture Herbie Fletcher said. “When you’re in big waves and you take a drop, you lose your mind. It’s being in the void. There’s no thought. It’s bliss for a moment. That’s the state of mind these paintings are in,” he said about the work on view in “Path of the Wave Warrior,” a massive exhibition of his paintings, collages and sculptures on view at Known Gallery on North Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles, through Nov. 9. Read the full article at:

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Herbie Fletcher opening night at Known Gallery

October 31 2013 . 08:25pm

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US Open of Surfing | Willie T

August 13 2010 . 04:43am

Find out more at: Find out more at: Willie T /

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Known Gallery artist KEEGAN GIBBS in Bali, Indonesia

June 02 2009 . 05:54pm

The last couple of days I have been surfing a ton. So much that I woke up this morning slightly unmotivated to get out there, despite it being sick. So seeing I have been surfing more than shooting photos, I figure it would be a good excuse to get out in the water with the camera to share what the waves look like out front.

Click Clack for…


All the photos were shot with my Canon 5D mkii, inside of an SPL Waterhousing with a Canon 17-40 f4 shot at 18mm.

Keegan Gibbs

Check out to see a complete run down of these amazing photos.

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