SPY x The Seventh Letter x Pose available now!

November 16 2012 . 08:19pm

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Marking the second SPY + The Seventh Letter winter offering, the SPY + The Seventh Letter + POSE collaboration pairs international artist POSE with SPY’s most recognizable oversized snow goggle—the Platoon.

“We provided Pose the blank canvas of the Platoon and let him take full advantage,” says Brent Sandor, SPY brand manager. “The SPY + Pose Sharpie that comes with it is the icing on the cake.”

Just in time for the snowboard season — cop them here.

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August 31 2012 . 02:29am

SPY teamed up with Push from The Seventh Letter to provide a facelift on the wall of Pacific Northwest retailer EVO to spice up the neighborhood. The piece currently graces the west side wall at the corner of 2nd and 36th Streets in Seattle, home of EVO’s retail showroom. Check out the continuing collaboration between SPY and The Seventh Letter over at: spyoptic.com

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November 29 2011 . 07:05pm

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – SPY Optic today announced the release of its SPY + TSL + PUSH Platoonsnow goggle. The collaboration marks the first in a series curated by The Seventh Letter Crew, a Los Angeles-based collective that produces avant-garde street art and clothing designs.

The Seventh Letter crew applied member Push’s signature style on every available square millimeter of its inaugural SPY goggle, including TSL patching, a collaborative lens print and a Pusher tag inside the strap. The goggle comes with a free bonus collectible Pusher keychain designed to add style points to anyone’s favorite coat or key ring.

“The Seventh Letter crew is insane and Push absolutely slayed it… his art is next-level,” says Kevin Casillo, SPY snow segment manager. “The Platoon was a natural fit for this collaboration, it’s our pinnacle goggle, and we wouldn’t have The Seventh Letter logo on anything but the best-performing eyewear around.”

A new Seventh Letter artist will be featured each season, yielding a completely unique and collectible goggle. (Keep your eyes peeled for the next one.)

This goggle will be available at store.theseventhletter.com in next 2 weeks.

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January 23 2011 . 11:12pm

Find out more at: PUSH / SpyOptics.com

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