TSLARMOR.com – The official exclusive website to peep The Seventh Letter jewelry line

May 23 2007 . 03:31am

Find out more: TSLARMOR.com
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TSL Exterior Armor Division leaks on HYPEBEAST.com and a bunch of others..

May 23 2007 . 12:49am

The Seventh Letter has been working on their newest project –TSL Exterior Armor Division– This project has been in the works for some time now and launched a secret site for our Friends and Family to purchase pieces before we released it to the public. Well someone at Hypebeast.com got a hold of it and now the whole world knows, could have worst problems. Well check it out and get in line for the public release later next month. I guess a bunch of people got a hold of it… The Hundreds, SlamXHype, UpperPlayground, Juxtapoz, etc.

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