JURNE – Scienceism video by Selina Miles

December 22 2014 . 12:54pm


Tracksides. Tunnels. Rooftops.

Over the course of five days, JURNE caught up with Selina Miles to explore the neighbourhoods, train tracks and underground tunnels found in Oakland, California.

‘Science-ism’ also offers a glimpse into JURNE’s studio output, illustrating the connection between his work on the white walls of a gallery and the concrete walls of the city.

A film by Selina Miles:

Email: contact@science-ism.com


Smokestacks – Layla (Dimond Saints Rework)
Hard Time – Seinabo Sey (Dimond Saints Rework)
Acid Crunk Meltdown – An-Ten-Nae

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Ironlak Team Australia | NEW YORK CITY 2010 – Part One

November 04 2010 . 07:45pm


To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the original Australian Ironlak Team, the team members; Reals, Linz, Sofles, Sirum and Tues travelled to New York City. This is part one of their adventures, getting down and dirty in The Bronx on a wall with Ironlak Team USA members; Jaes, Augor and Enue.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw – yoblooddiamonds.blogspot.com
Cut: Selina Miles – selinamiles.wordpress.com

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Mr. Wany : Ironlak Team in Milano, Italy

January 16 2010 . 07:47am

Music by Colle der Formento
Video cut by Selina Miles
Photos: Luke Shirlaw


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