Reyes painting hanging proud in Louis Vuitton store San Francisco

September 07 2009 . 06:08am

See more from Victor Reyes at: and

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New AmandaLynn and Lango collaboration in San Francisco

September 02 2009 . 12:13am

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The Seventh Letter crew in Dorrough Music & Yung Lott video

August 11 2009 . 02:47am

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The Mac | Faces of Life video preview

August 06 2009 . 03:15am

Faces of Life opening tonight at FIFTY24SF Gallery.


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EL MAC | Faces of Life art show in San Francisco

July 31 2009 . 06:42pm

Faces of Life is a solo exhibition by El Mac, a graffiti mural artist and painter from Phoenix/Los Angeles.

Since beginning to paint graffiti in the mid-90s as “The Mac,” his murals have become recognized landmarks in cities across the globe. These pieces, often photorealistic depictions of everyday people and ethereal women, utilize distinctive brushwork and shading patterns that focus on the human face and form. His artwork combines classic art themes and techniques with inspiration from Mexican and Chicano culture of the Southwest, pin-up art, and religious imagery. Mac perceives his own work as “the result of a life devoted to art.”

Faces of Life is a series of large to medium size canvases done with spray paint, featuring faces of different girls Mac knows, using mostly black & white or gray tones with just a little bit of color added. "They’re super challenging, because I’m trying to paint them in a loose, fluid, somewhat impressionistic manner, but still retain a little photorealism.” These paintings are a culmination and natural evolution of a couple of decades of drawing, painting and studying faces. “The ‘ripple’ or ‘vibration’ effect I’m using evolved naturally over years of painting graffiti in the dark with fat caps, and without the help of any kind of art school.” El Mac’s Faces of Life is inspired by another artist known for his beautiful depictions of women, Czech Art Nouveau master, Alphonse Mucha.

El Mac has been commissioned to produce murals around the world, he has exhibited in museums, and his work has graced the cover of numerous publications. He has shown his work all over the United States and in Belgium, France, Mexico, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Japan, Korea,The Netherlands, and Italy.

Faces of Life features new paintings on display at FIFTY24SF Gallery from August 6 – August 27, 2009.



FIFTY24SF Gallery



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