Sage Vaughn at FIFTY24SF Gallery | November 19, 2011

November 11 2011 . 10:29pm


Here is a peek at some of the paintings that Sage Vaughn will be exhibiting at FIFTY24SF Gallery starting Saturday, November 19. Runaways will feature new paintings, some of Vaughn’s signature envelope works, and a hand-finished print in an edition of 24.

FIFTY24SF Gallery is proud to present, Runaways, a group of new paintings by Los Angeles based fine artist, Sage Vaughn. This exhibition marks Vaughn’s first solo show in San Francisco and first solo show in the states in 4 years. Runaways opens November 19, 2011.

After two successful exhibitions at London’s Lazarides Gallery and The Outsiders, Vaughn returns to the United States with a body of new work. The first group of work in Runaways echoes the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, “children are all foreigners.” The work illustrates the cast off minutia in our midst, the runaways, the street urchins, scamps, and hooligans that are often ignored. The focus is on the individuals, the small things. Vaughn uses song birds, feral parrots and escaped exotic pets on their own or, at times, with an accomplice, in an obscure dystopian setting. Here the viewer can explore sentiments of rebellion, survival, isolation and stolen sweetness the birds experience as they go about their secret lives above our heads.

The second group of paintings looks at the concept of the fleeting existence of the butterfly. A butterfly is only in this form for a comparatively short period during its life span; during which, it lives to fly, to mate, and to reproduce before it fades. constructing a single visual movement based on the compulsion of the individuals illustrates the driving force behind their transformation. in these works  assembles the inconsequential to a point where they can emphasize something more powerful and instinctual. 

Runaways will feature works in a variety of mediums, including a new series of paintings and Vaughn’s iconic envelope paintings. There will also be a large-sized hand-painted print in an edition of 24.

Sage Vaughn will also present a second exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery starting on December 16th, 2011, featuring special installations and conceptual works. 

Sage Vaughn was born in Jackson, Oregon. He has exhibited throughout the world, including Lazarides Gallery and The Outsiders in London, Galerie Bertrand and Gruner in Geneva, Art Agents Gallery in Hamburg, Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, and DACTYL Gallery in New York.

For more information about the work, contact

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Circulatory System: Recent Works by Augustine Kofie

October 26 2011 . 07:27am

Circulatory System: Recent Works by Augustine Kofie

Opening Reception –
November 12th, 2011, 7-11 pm
On View Through December 3, 2011

White Walls is pleased to present Circulatory System, the new collection of work by Los Angeles-based artist Augustine Kofie. This will be Kofie’s second solo show with White Walls, and will include 30 recent works including smaller collage case studies on paper, hand painted multiple screen prints, assemblage on wood, paintings on canvas and wood and a large wall installation. The opening reception will be Saturday, November 12th, from 7-11 pm, and the exhibition is free and open to the public for viewing through December 3rd.

The works comprising Circulatory System feature a clean delineation of geometric forms and divisions of space with a technical precision that resembles architectural drafting. Kofie’s understanding of illustration and linework results in a style of meticulous rendering that never seems cold or sterile due to the delicate sense of balance maintained  within each composition. The muted palette softens the sharp lines, and imparts a simple  elegance to the complicated arrangements of shape.

The vintage-toned color scheme- the pale seafoam and mint greens of the sixties and the varying beige shades of worn paper- fit perfectly with the collage aspect of the work. Found imagery and ephemera are interwoven into many of the paintings, constructing a new way of looking upon fragments of the past.


Kofie uses a similar approach of artful combination, rearrangement and layering to create  a soundtrack that will accompany the exhibition, reflecting the theme as well as setting  the tone for the collection. The 40 minute soundtrack is not an itunes mix but what Kofie calls a true mix, meaning a well- collaged assemblage of original beats, pulled dialogue from various films and re-edited songs.

Soundtrack available to stream and download at

White Walls Gallery
835 Larkin St,
San Francisco, CA

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Victor Reyes in San Francisco Time Lapse video

October 03 2011 . 08:12pm

Edited by | Brock Brake

Music | Paul White – Can’t Sleep Make Music

Find out more at:

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Victor Reyes is amazing!

September 21 2011 . 06:28pm

Find out more at:

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Dylan Maddux at The Cassel Gallery, San Francisco

August 04 2011 . 07:41pm

The Cassel Gallery, in conjunction with Goorin Brothers, would like to invite you to our next exhibit, Mau Loa: A Portrait Series by Dylan Maddux. This photography retrospective is slated to open on August 6th 2011 and will end on September 10th 2011.

‘Mau Loa’ follows photographer Dylan Maddux for a portrait series he did during his stay in Hawaii. Originally visiting for a funeral, Maddux captured a variety of local islanders, featuring indigenous cultures including Hawaiian and Polynesian born peoples. The setting for a variety of the photos include parks, downtown Waikiki, Northshore and other locations, but feature a studio feel to showcase aspects of local Hawaiin life and culture. The images were shot in medium format, in black and white film.

Located at 1261 Howard St. in San Francisco, this venue is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays from 4:00 – 8:00, and Saturdays from 2:00 -8:00.

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