Inside The Writers Studio | FATE AWR MSK

March 16 2012 . 04:30am

James Lipton sits down with Fate to discuss RATBAK@’CHA, his upcoming exhibition at Cassel Gallery on March 17th. Cassel Gallery is located at 1261 Howard st. in San Francisco. The opening reception is 8 – 11 pm.

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Us Versus Them at Stussy, San Francisco | Video

March 15 2012 . 05:40pm

Menso, Graham, & Mike Glory of UVT took a trip up north to paint the STUSSY SF Store in behalf of the US VERSUS THEM Spring 2012 release, Which is now available at UVT retailers world wide…

Find out more at:
Filmed And Edited: Zane Meyer of Chop Em Down Films

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RatBak@’Cha | Fate / Steel / Robert Garcia

March 13 2012 . 09:41am

Fate / Steel / Robert Garcia

Opening Reception
Saturday, March 17th,  8-11pm

Cassel Gallery in conjunction with Goorin Bros. Hat Company proudly presents ‘RatBak@’Cha, an exhibition featuring the artistic stylings of Fate (MSK/AWR), specifically his infamous rat character paintings. Fate is widely known for his notorious career as a graffiti vandal. He has been getting up on the streets, alleys, and dark places of the world for over two decades, immortalizing his mark-making.  This new exhibit, ‘RatBak@’Cha, will be Fate’s second gallery art accomplishment. Aside from graffiti, Fate is known for his modestly scaled paintings depicting animated rat characters in a number of different settings and situations.  His work is identifiable by bold colors and playful line work, which entices the viewer to look further into the stories and character depictions. Fate’s work is deliberately haphazard, and he frequently uses found objects as painting surfaces as a method of relating his artwork back to the street.

Fate will be accompanied by San Francisco based artists Steel, and Robert Garcia.  Steel and Garcia are also known for their animated characters. Steel is mostly associated with his humorous cheeseburger characters, while Garcia’s work has a slightly more serious undertone, inspired by Chicano culture and his childhood experiences within a lower class Hispanic community. Similar to Fate, both Steel and Robert are identified with the usage of bold color and stimulating line work.

The compilation of these three artists is sure to create a visually compelling, and entertaining exhibition. While all three will have individual pieces on display, they will also be participating in a collaborative installation within the gallery. The opening night is sure to be one of a kind, with live musical performances by A.D. and plenty of lively characters in attendance. Please join us in celebrating the opening of ‘RaBak@’Cha, Saturday, March 17th, 2012 from 8pm-11pm at Cassel Gallery in San Francisco, CA.

Cassel Gallery
1261 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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REYES, REVOK and STEEL in San Francisco

January 09 2012 . 06:23pm

Find out more at: / /

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Moon Editions releases new Aaron Horkey Laser engraving on wood Decemeber 2nd, 2011

December 02 2011 . 01:42am

Aaron Horkey ”True Grit” 2011

Laser engraving on Latvian Birch, w/ dye, dead flat lacquer / 14.75” X 36” / Edition of 33 / $450.00

MFG Moon Editions, San Francisco

Available at a random time tomorrow at

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