Jim Evans 1984-1989 opening at Gallery 446, Palms Springs

February 25 2015 . 10:57pm


“The 1980’s was a giant pop culture party that finally exploded, and was replaced by alternative revisionism. But until that happened, there was an explosive vibrancy in music and the arts, one that destroyed all previous notions of color and design rules. Parties became the palette, and the cult of narcissism became the prevailing style. Two artists, Jim Evans and Richard Duardo got sucked into this vortex, and turned their studio into a non-stop party, while creating manifestos for the over stimulated. For a short period, these pop portraits became a reflection of the time, colorful, dense with information, and hungry for focus.”

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Holiday Pop Up shop by Modern Multiples at Known Gallery, Los Angeles

December 20 2011 . 08:55am

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For pdf catalog, pricing and availability please email: info@knowngallery.com

Photos: Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion

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Modern Multiples x Known Gallery

December 17 2011 . 09:08am

Editions available from:

Albert Reyes
Andrew Foster
Ben Eine
Carl Rauschenbach
Carlos Gonzalez
Carmen Spera
Chaz Bojorquez
Date Farmers
DeeDee Cheriel
Defer (Alex Kizu)
Doug Martin & David Caruso
Eriberto Oriol
Estevan Oriol
Gajin Fujita
Germs (Jaime Zacarias)
Gregory Siff
Herbert Siguenza
John Van Hamersveld
Logan Hicks
Mark Dean Veca
Matthew Weinberg
Mear One
Miguel Felipe
Richard Duardo
Sage Vaughn
Shepard Fairey
Sonia Romero
Speedy Graphito
Victor Reyes
& many more..

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Saturday, December 17, 2011 | Modern Multiples print show at Known Gallery

December 16 2011 . 10:12pm

441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036

Opening December 17, 2011 | 12pm-8pm
Show runs through December 23, 2011

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Thank you REVOK!

August 04 2010 . 05:28am

Like Ice Cube said, Today was a good day. My dear friend REVOK left this at the gallery for me yesterday. 1 of 4 made! That’s what I call limited edition. I hear REVOK is getting ready for a huge show in a really nice gallery in Los Angeles? I wonder where?

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