Richard Colman at New Image Art | Opens October 19, 2013

October 15 2013 . 12:16am


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Richard Colman | Opera Pink

February 24 2009 . 09:55pm

Photos by KC Ortiz

On February 20, Phaiz, Chicago╩╝s emerging cutting-edge exposition space, presented “Opera Pink,”a site-specific solo installation by San Francisco-based artist Richard Colman. Filling the 800-square-foot gallery, Colman installed a series of tiles and paintings on wood panels and paper complemented by background wall paintings, creating a large-scale, psychedelic-type landscape mural to indulge the senses.

Our friends at We Are Supervision had the chance to hang out with Rich during the install for the show. Here are some of the amazing shots.

Find out more at: Swindle Magazine

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