Headlands Print by Victor Reyes available this Thursday January 24, 2013

January 24 2013 . 10:47pm

Edition Size: 40
24 x 36 Inches 4-Color Serigraph Print
On 100lbs French Archival Pop-Tone Print Making Paper

“Headlands” is a serigraph print by Victor Reyes.
This new work is a broken abstraction illustrated from
a painting of his signature black and white motifs.
Four opposing colors overlap and reveal other images
emerging from the darkness of translucent layers.

This is a single run edition of 40 signed and numbered prints, available January 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM PST


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Victor Reyes | Out Cast print release at 1xRUN

October 11 2012 . 07:41pm

“‘Out Cast” is a classic image from mythology intended to provoke philosophical interpretation. The image has been in my library for years, this is my fourth and best attempt at re-assembling my feeling about this image. The original piece was painted on wood panel with gouache and acrylic. This limited edition is a hand painted multiple serigraph with painted layers of Holbein Gouache. This piece is based on this illustration that I’ve had forever that I used for a reference piece. This screen print is a real loose, abstract interpretation of the illustration. It’s essentially the arch angel Michael and he’s casting Satan out of heaven. Although it’s really loose, there’s this angel at the top and he’s literally standing on the devil with a spear in his heart. The whole thing is related back to a conversation based on classic literature, Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, the James Joyce novel. To paraphrase it’s about the idea of creativity and being an artist, in Latin they call in non-serviam, or not to serve. You’re not going to live by the bible or church, you’re going to make art and be creative. That’s what the print is about loosely and a bit of the inspiration.”

Victor Reyes

Available at: 1xrun.com

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September 04 2012 . 10:07pm

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REYES AWR MSK interview in Acclaim Magazine

July 27 2012 . 05:31pm

Read interview at: acclaimmag.com / Find out more at: Reyes78.com

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Victor Reyes | Sideways print available now!

June 09 2012 . 11:42pm

Sideways print by Victor Reyes
Medium: 2 color Serigraph on Folio
Print making paper 22.5″ x 14.5″ Edition of 50 Signed
and numbered 60.00 + S H

Available at: Reyes78.com

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