Victor Reyes x Cohn & Wolfe Los Angeles

September 05 2013 . 05:34am

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Victor Reyes x Cohn Wolfe in Los Angeles

June 11 2013 . 12:33am





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Interview with Joseph Martinez by Victor Reyes

May 01 2013 . 07:26pm

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Victor Reyes: where are you from and how did you get into painting?

Joseph Martinez: I am from Denver Colorado, Ive always been into making art, but took painting serious when I was given Shawn Barbers Instructional video. Oil paint was intimidating to me until I jumped in and gave it a go.

VR: when did you first start painting match books and why?

JM: I first started painting matchbooks around June of 2012. I had a show  approaching and wasn’t sure what I wanted to display as a body of work. I had a matchbook laying around and decided to challenge myself and use that as my surface. The first series were all paintings smaller than a dime in the beginning. I also realized that matchbooks are often given away or tossed , I wanted to give value to something that is usually disposed of and now hopefully no one will find it in a bowl somewhere in a bar.

VR: do you find people like the matchbooks more than traditional paintings on panel or canvas?

JM: People have taken a liking to the matchbook paintings more so, I believe because it gives a sense of scale right off the bat. The smaller it is the more impact it sees to have not matter what the subject painted is. It also forces people to literally step in and look.

VR: what are your paintings inspired by/ what are you inspired by?

JM: Anything and everything, when I decide to create something its all the pieces Ive taken from the influences and inpirations I have gathered. This new series of work are mostly inspired by artist from the Bay or I have seen in the bay on a consistent base. Artist that I see working hard and diligently while watching them progress, that is what I want to do with myself so  I use these paintings as reminders.

VR: when the the small painting are not coming out as you intended, do you ever burn those little matchbooks up?

JM: I have torn a few up that weren’t coming along as planned but it could’ve been a small detail no one would even notice other than me. Working with such a small area challenges me to only focus on the parts that are more important, all the details wont be seen so I can be to hard on myself and make it “perfect” because there is only so much room. I will now have to do a few that consist of burning a few up now that you mentioned it, now I have a few ideas.

VR: Whats next for your painting?

JM:  My next series of paintings I believe will be for the show at Known, these are more detailed paintings that have been taking me around 8hrs each at least and I would like to have a larger body of work to present. I like the idea of painting on the matchbooks, I’ve recently been thinking of ways for them to evolve  and I believe making them 3-D would be a nice challenge to add to them.

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Victor Reyes with a mural for the kids at Bayshore Elementary in Daley City

April 14 2013 . 05:51am

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The Seventh Letter Billboards | #ArtShareLA

March 28 2013 . 02:22am

N37A0672.jpg N37A0725 N37A0749 N37A1032 N37A1058 N37A1081 N37A1201 N37A1281 N37A1362 N37A1421 N37A1451 photo 4-1
Photos by: Brent Broza

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