January 27 2015 . 08:07am

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It’s been six years since the last ABC Zine was released and for the newest edition The Flop Box has enlisted an all-star cast of eclectic individuals from various backgrounds and generations that includes seasoned veterans to future staples. With no restrictions or parameters given, each artist was free to interpret the first letter of their name however they felt fit, just as long as it remained black and white and was confined to size of a 8.5 x 11 piece of paper.

Participating artists include Askew, Baer, Curve, Dmote, Enron, Faust, Gorey. Hindue, Isto, Jase, Kaput, Large, Mast, Noah, Omens, Pure, Quake, Remio, Sp.One, Trixter, Utah, Veks, Wands, Xqsme, Yes2, Zephyr and Vizie.

28 pages, 8.5” x 5.5” high quality black and white printing, hand numbered, hand screen-printed cover, various Egg Shell stickers included. Edition of 400.

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The Seventh Letter x David Lynch x Georgio Armani 1992

August 13 2009 . 09:23pm

This is a Georgio Armani commercial directed by David Lynch we did in 1992 at what is today The Brewery. Art direction: Eklips, Pure, Lone, Rebel and Myte.

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Forever PURE 02-11-09

February 11 2009 . 08:02pm

Hug someone you love. Tell a friend you care. Tomorrow is not promised. I love and miss PURE forever. He was the best friend a person could ever have. I love you forever Carlos. Share your thoughts with his family here.

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February 11 2007 . 03:11am

Leave your memories of PURE in the comments…
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