February 18 2008 . 07:58pm

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 7 pm – 11 pm

a.Muse Gallery
Open 7 Days by appointment
614 Alabama Street
Second Floor

San Francisco, California
Info: (415) 279-6281
Show open for viewing:  Thursday, February 21st – Friday, March 14th, 2008
a. Muse Art Gallery is pleased to welcome the outstanding display of original artworks designed specifically for the show ‘Wicked of the West’, artists include: Robin Grass, Amandalynn, Reyes, Norm, Margaretta Jo, Holly Ellis, Megan Shaffer, Fate, Yutaro Sakai, Phil Holt, Pete the Painter, Prairie Prince, and Lucien Shapiro


Originally starting as an art show displaying exclusively the works of Amandalynn and Robin Grass, this art show depicts characters and creatures inspired by Gregory Maguire’s novel, ‘Wicked’. His writings tell the Wicked Witch of the West’s side of the story of her time in Oz. Amandalynn and Robin teamed up with this theme in mind and did the ‘Wicked’ show in Pennsylvania in the Fall of 2007. The show was a huge success and the team decided to move the remaining body of work as well as some new pieces, out to the west coast for display. Amandalynn has decided to expand the show by adding new artists with an array of different talents, ranging from: metal sculpture, fashion design, computer animation, wood carving, tattooing, traditional portrait painting, graffiti, and fantasy based sculpture.


Sponsored by: Scion ( www.scion.com ), Imeem ( www.imeem.com ),
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February 18 2008 . 07:52pm


Recurrent Association New Works by
Phil Holt

Opening Reception

Lower Hater’s
597 Haight Street, SF, CA 94117

A veteran tattooist of ten years, Phil Holt’s art and the expertise in his craft have earned him high regard in the tattoo and art world. He is one fo those rare people that elevate the craft. He owns and operates his gallery Redletter1 in Tampa Florida. Recently, he moved to San Francisco to tattoo with Grime at Skull and Sword in the Mission District. A prolific painter, his work has been featured in prestigious exhibits throughout the US as well as Osaka, Barcelona, London to name a few.

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Reyes at RedLetter1 Gallery in Tampa, Florida

December 05 2007 . 03:14am

Find out more at: RedLetter1 Gallery
For exclusive REYES tees peep www.TheSeventhLetterStore.com
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Primal Urge of San Francisco celebrates its grand opening

January 26 2007 . 12:51am

Saturday, January 6th, Primal Urge of San Francisco celebrated its grand opening. Artists Marcus Pacheco, The GRIME, Yutaro, Norm, and Phil Holt, have grouped together, offering connoisseur quality tattoo work in a city known for its tattoo enthusiasm.

The artists opened the doors to their private second story studio, allowing all to enjoy in the new space they’ve created. Having left their previous location as Art Work Rebels, the new space has arrived with a new, yet familiar name, Primal Urge — a name that recalls the scope of influence this shop had in its 1990s incarnation. With Marcus Pacheco as a guiding light, Primal Urge became a focal point for what was then a new style of tattooing, art influenced by painting, a wider color palette, bold line work, images related to grafitti, pop art, etc.

by: Dean Schubert

Primal Urge Studio
3415 Cesar Chavez
San Francisco CA 94110
(415) 552. 4297

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