Exclusive interview with Phil Frost at TheHouseofMarley.com

March 05 2015 . 05:13am

House of Marley: I came across your post in celebration of Bob Marley’s 70th Birthday on Instagram, where you talk about Bob Marley and reggae – what is it that draws you to the two?

Phil Frost: I’m drawn to reggae music because of it’s inherent morale and uplifting nature; to want to better yourself and your surroundings and be humble, kind and respectful of things. So it appeals to me like that, in that I like the message of it; and then I like the energy and rythym also. It is good natured and positive and I was taken by it. At some point, I got really interested in wanting to hear it more. I began to collect the 45’s and records because a lot of the music isn’t necessarily released digitally. I don’t know too much about digital music anyway, but at the time a lot of the music wasn’t really able to be found on a CD or digital format so a lot of the rare music is only on a 45. Seeking out the records and collecting them was a way to be able to introduce myself to parts of the sound I couldn’t find otherwise. At some point, it began to seem like I was protecting old records by archiving them, like a way of preserving them and their relevant importance.

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Phil Frost On The Inspiration Of Bob Marley

March 14 2012 . 04:29pm

In celebration of the upcoming release of MARLEY, Kevin Macdonald’s epic feature length documentary on the life of Bob Marley, artist Phil Frost (who’s known to be incredibly reclusive) participated in a terrific short video in which he, for the first time, talks about how his work and life has been influenced by Marley. MARLEY hits theaters and all the digital outlets (including Facebook) on 4/20 and includes never before seen footage and music.

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PHIL FROST piece sells for $116,500 at Phillips de Pury auction

March 11 2012 . 11:45pm

Check out the auction at: phillipsdepury.com

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New York Magazine confuses Phil Frost for Jean-Michel Basquiat

September 23 2011 . 09:56pm

Read article at: nymag.com

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May 08 2010 . 05:19am

Find out more at: worldwiderev.tumblr.com

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