Stormie in Perth at Condor Towers

May 24 2009 . 03:33pm


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Lost Giants | Stormie Mills in Perth

February 25 2009 . 09:26pm

Many times throughout my childhood my parents would pack up and trek halfway
around the world. No mean feat nowadays, but in the 60’s and 70’s just
getting across a country could be an arduous task. Invariably these journeys
meant strange lands, languages, foods, cities and customs. Seen through my
eyes with a skewed and diminutive perspective, people, buildings and sights
took upon themselves a whole sense of wonderment and scale.

Years later [still often itinerant], most of these places have become fairly
familiar, yet none the less wonderful. My perspective is that of a person
that often paints characters on buildings & works with scale. Alienation and
isolation are thematic throughout my works, both linked to a strong sense of
belonging in a rapidly shrinking world of communication.

Wonderment becomes something else when it has a strong element of
bewilderment mixed into it, how something got there and who did it, why it’s
there in the first place and the local "knowledge" that becomes urban lore
or myth, are all extremely important components of ownership, people that
live in the immediate vicinity of these characters become the "caretakers"
looking after the "Lost Giants" in whose city they inhabit whilst other
tourists are able to identify, or wonder at their belonging.

Location: corner of Princes Lane & Wellington Street, Perth.

Find out more at: Stormie Mills

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