Arizona Wetbacks a Racist Republicans X Arizona collab

June 16 2010 . 04:51pm

Los Angeles based artist Patrick Martinez uses fitted caps as his canvas to produce his latest work which is inspired by the SB1070 immigration law in Arizona that has recently been put into effect.

The artist connects the dots with the major league baseball team the "Arizona Diamondbacks" and the new immigration law in Arizona to create a subtle but yet hard hitting visual. Martinez teamed up with Quintin to produce three limited hats that work as art pieces and will be shown in a gallery context.

"I created the hat pieces to visually show the connection between the racist republicans that run the "Arizona Diamondbacks"(a major league baseball team) and how they are helping to push the Arizona SB1070 law by generous funding. I re-named the team with the racist inspired name Arizona Wetbacks because I believe it’s more of a fit based on the racist actions the owners are taking with the SB1070 bill which they are helping to advance. I created three hats for the three players on the diamondbacks of latin decent (Juan Guitterez, Gerardo Parra, and Rodrigo Lopez) that will be celebrated on the field then asked for their papers when they leave it."

"This bill is a step backwards in terms of progression. It is also a giant slap in the face to the many people that fought for equal rights in the past as well as the present. The SB1070 law has the feeling of the beginning stages of apartheid.This bill should be stopped. Arizona is down with the brown, fo-real."

2010 custom logo designs, embroidery, mexican blanket pattern and acrylic on a bootleg new era baseball cap created from scratch.

more info on the Arizona Diamondbacks and SB1070:

Photos by: Chaim Diesto
more info:

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Maestro Knows – Episode 7 | Estevan Oriol and friends

May 04 2010 . 11:52am

In this episode check out Maestro & Mr. Oriol as they take to downtown Los Angeles to visit Patrick Martinez, shoot for Nylon Mexico, and later Estevan meets Geoff Rowley to make for the first episode of Maestro Knows headlining two of Levi’s friends. Enjoy this classic material!
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New Patrick Martinez interview

April 28 2010 . 02:28am

Patrick Martinez is an exceedingly talented Angeleno whose creative skills encompass an astounding range of media including: his iconic paintings, inventive foam prints, T-shirt design, album covers, book layout, toy/figure design, and even neon signs. He’s a master at taking elements from street life and exploring them in his artwork. And while his work is heavily influenced by both hip-hop and graffiti, it refuses to be pigeon-holed by either of those labels. Patrick was kind enough to take the time to share some of his thoughts and his work with me for this interview.

Read interview at:

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Patrick Martinez | Blow up status time lapse video

March 25 2010 . 02:47am


This time lapse video represents three weeks of work focused on a new painting by artist Patrick Martinez. The three weeks is compressed down into under four minutes for your viewing pleasure. Martinez takes you through his creative process from sketch to completed work with audio assistance from a Jay Electronica instrumental. Martinez is currently working on a new body of work that is inspired by his thoughts, ideas and experiences which are fueled by the city of Los Angeles, the place he calls home. His art has been shown throughout the United States at various galleries. His clients include: Upper Playground, Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Undefeated and many more. more info:

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Patrick Martinez is Los Angeles art by Maestro Knows

February 25 2010 . 10:00pm

Read interview at:

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