GRAND OPENING | 25% off everything promo code on

August 11 2009 . 06:34am

Use promo code: GRAND25OFF at to receive 25% everything, yes EVERYTHING we carry!! The sale ends August 31st, 2009 so don’t sleep..

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July 31 2009 . 06:09pm

Click the ballon to visit

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The is up and running!

July 20 2009 . 03:38am

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June 03 2009 . 04:45am

Here is another reminder for our exclusive discount with our good friends over at Chocolate Crocodile. Our last discount percentage clocked in at 15%, and since it did so well, we decided tp step it up and double it to 30%.

Anyhow, this discount code was activated yesterday and will expire on 6.4.2009, so please don’t sleep. If this code does as well, if not better than the last promotion, you might be seeing a 40% discount! So, with that being said, please use it! There are plenty of new items that have just been added to their inventory, and I just received word that there are plenty of new season’s offerings on their way.

Be sure to use the case sensitive code xwedx30 at checkout to receive the discount.

Spread the word and tell your friends. Blast it! It is in your best interest to do so if you ever want to see a 40% discount!

Now get to it!


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April 16 2009 . 09:27pm

We really never post stuff like this, but MUJI is the lick! When I was in Taiwan last my boy WISE put me on to MUJI and I got hooked. Peep their new USA online store HERE

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