New release from Patrick Martinez | “truuuuue” neon

October 03 2014 . 04:17am

“truuuuue” neon 2014

by Patrick Martinez
13″ x 8″
Signed by artist
Edition of 20
$575 usd

Releasing online this Friday at 13 Press

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Patrick Martinez | Buy Now Cry Later opens November 15, 2013 at Public Functionary in Minneapolis, MN

November 09 2013 . 08:14am


About The Show

In his first Midwest solo exhibition, Patrick Martinez examines a contemporary crisis: the dwindling quality of life due to the consumerist and nutritional choices of mainstream America. Buy Now Cry Later poses as a metaphor for the overall consumption and insatiable need for “more” in the modern world. We are stressed and medicated, balancing our fears over job security, guns, cost of living, violence, diet, money, race relations, education and health. All of these issues weigh the same when it comes to societal problems in dire need of solving; all are symbols that point to a troubled collective culture–a melting pot identity in crisis.

Public Functionary
1400 12th Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

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Playboy Presents Patrick Martinez and Jared Ryder | Bright Lights

August 30 2013 . 10:11pm

Video by Jared Ryder, Artwork by Patrick Martinez

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Patrick Martinez | Lovely Day opens at Known Gallery June 16, 2012

June 06 2012 . 05:47pm

Known Gallery is very pleased to present “Lovely Day”, a solo show by contemporary artist Patrick Martinez.

Martinez, a diverse young artist, is known for his lush colorful paintings and portraits set in the Los Angeles streets, his neon works that play on hip-hop themes, his sculptures and his limited-edition objects. For “Lovely Day,” he revisits the Los Angeles landscape. “It’s crazy to me that I wake up to beautiful days here in L.A., but they are juxtaposed with the ‘evil’ things that happen in this sublime city. That’s the inspiration for the show,” says Martinez.

For the piece upon which the exhibition is based, a still-life painting with a layer of neon, spelling Lovely Day on top, Martinez says: “I painted a bed of flowers typical to Los Angeles and took what I was doing with neon which is inspired by L.A. store fronts and combined the two. The result was the piece ‘Lovely Day,’ which was also the first piece I created in this body of work.” The theme is seldom addressed in contemporary art and one that intrigues Martinez. Many of his new works have similarly glossy exteriors with dark undertones.

Another paradox Martinez explores is the male psyche, as exemplified in his painting “Culture of Honor,” which depicts a thuggish man festooned with a child’s flotation device or “floatie.” Says Martinez: “I wanted to use a Los Angeles male archetype to present this idea: It’s a beach setting. The proud male doesn’t know how to swim, but he’s sporting this ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude – but he really does care. Moreover, he doesn’t want to drown.”

“Culture of Honor” is one of the show’s highlights, as are two vending machines, like those typically found in L.A. car washes, laundromats and liquor stores. They have been loaded with custom sculpted toys in plastic capsules cast in various materials. One of the items is a sticky hand “West Coast version,” the other is a piece of cheese and a plastic pig finger puppet. The vending machines also vend prismatic stickers with images of Martinez’s new neon pieces.

Patrick Martinez is one of the most exciting young artists in Los Angeles at the moment. He has exhibited in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, The Netherlands, Toronto and Hawaii.  Complex magazine recently named Martinez one of its “Most Important Artists of 2011” and one of its “Most Influential Artists of the Complex Decade.”

Opens: June 16, 2012 | 8-11pm
Runs: June 16 – June 30, 2012

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

For press and sales info:

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Eine, Roa, Above and more in Miami 2011 | Video

December 15 2011 . 09:37pm

Find out more at:

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