Patrick Martinez x Big Chris’ Car Parts

November 22 2012 . 10:00pm

Following up the successful collaboration with Estevan Oriol, Big Chris’ Car Parts follows up with the heavy hitting holiday collab with contemporary visual artist Patrick Martinez. Taking cues from store front neon signage and a Nas rap quote, Martinez delivers a strong piece compounding the two. The Martinez collaboration tee is limited to 60 pieces. The next collaboration BIGCCP taps contemporary artist DZINE for a limited edition tee which will be out after the new year. Also be on the look out for a special tee drop between BIGCCP and Stalley’s Blue Collar Gang.

Available at:

BIGCCP (BIG CHRIS’ CAR PARTS) is a CAR CULTURE BOUTIQUE based in Los Angeles representing contemporary car culture and specializing in: vintage car parts + car care product+ car culture wearables.

Photography: Jared Ryder

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