GRAPHIC SURGERY | Increment @ ALTrove Street Art Festival

June 25 2015 . 08:02pm

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JR’s “Wrinkles Of The City” Project Arrives in Istanbul

May 28 2015 . 10:04pm

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Beautiful mural painted by artist Fabio Lopez aka DOURONE in South Park LA

May 28 2015 . 08:58pm

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Beautiful new mural by DOURONE in downtown Los Angeles, CA

March 06 2015 . 12:13am

DOURONE, spanish artist currently based in Paris wends its way in Los Angeles.
This week, he has completed a mural at South Park downtown, Los Angeles. The mural measures 35 ft high and 125 ft long. His collaboration with DO ART FOUNDATION doesn’t finished here.
Coming soon, new murals projects in Los Angeles!
Pics by Phil Sanchez.
For more information contact:

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Os Gemeos finish their incredible new mural for the Vancouver Biennale in Canada

September 09 2014 . 12:05am

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After roughly three weeks of intense work, Os Gemeos recently finished their new mural for the Vancouver Biennale (Part I, Part II). The six large silos they painted on Granville Island continues their ongoing series of large murals titled Giants, and is now officially their biggest one to date. Covering the entire 70-foot (21 metre) tall structure, this incredible piece of work is their contribution to Biennale’s strong connection with sculpture.

For this non-profit public art project, Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have donated a month of their time, right after opening their recent solo show at Galpão Fortes Vilaça in Sao Paolo. The twins spent the final days adding numerous details to their characters – pockets, stiches, buttons, shoes, fabric patterns, all by using lots of bright colors and by painting more and more signature yellow faces. Using the architecture of the silos, the giants are all kneeling with four of them facing one way, and the other two facing the other way, giving the finished work a full 360 degree identity.

Photos credit: @craige13 / roaming-the-planet

For more info visit:

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