Video from CHIAROSCURO art show

May 06 2009 . 06:50pm


Saturday May 2nd was the opening for CHIAROSCURO, it was the release party for the new TSL Armor Jewelry and TheSeventhLetter Clothing Line. Transphusion sponsored an open bar and GuerillaOne was there to grab this clip!

from Carl Stoeber of Mudluscious


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April 16 2009 . 04:26pm

We got a pretty good live recording from the board the other night, and figured “what the hell?” -Carl Stoeber

Download it HERE

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MUDluscious party in Venice

April 01 2009 . 04:21am

Find out more HERE

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Video from Send Lawyers, Guns and Money art show by Carl Stoeber

March 04 2009 . 04:27pm

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MUDluscious x The Seventh Letter x BABA x GuerillaOne

February 27 2009 . 04:28am

Find out more at: MUDluscious | Vintage Tattoo Parlor | GuerillaOne



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