Revok signing | Made in Detroit | Grand Avenue Jan. 4, 2014 3-5 PM

December 24 2013 . 12:07am


REVOK: Made in Detroit is a survey of the last two years of REVOK’s newer body of assemblage work inspired by the artists’ newly adopted hometown. These fantastic 3D collages of found materials are well documented alongside terrific images of the places & spaces of Detroit from which they’re made. The cover of each copy of the book will be individually painted by the artist.
For more info, please visit: or call (213) 626-6222

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MOCAtv | Greg Bojorquez HUMANIZING – Art in the Streets

January 17 2013 . 10:37pm

Photographer Greg Bojorquez walks us through Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, and shoots portraits of new friends at a heavy metal show and a rodeo.

Directed, shot & edited by Steven Andrew Garcia
original music by Michael Vidal of Abe Vigoda
photographs by Greg Bojorquez
produced by Alex Stapleton

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MOCA TV | SAMO© Jean-Michel Basquiat – N.A.S.A. + Kool Kojak + Fab Five

November 01 2012 . 03:35am

For this film, rather than making a direct homage to Basquiat’s work, the filmmakers decided instead to try to re-create the world, which spawned SAMO. N.A.S.A. Is a DJ duo featuring Brazilian DJ, Ze Gonzales (aka DJ Zegon) and music producer Sam Spiegel (aka Squeak E. Clean), who are known for their collaborations with Kanye West, MIA, Santigold, David Byrne, Karen O and more. The duo came together with Brazilian-American producer Kool Kojak to collaborate on the track that also features legendary New York impresario Fab Five Freddy, who was recruited to do spoken word. A search for archival footage of New York from the era was undergone, then coupled with organic elements to add a sense of hand-made to the film. Animator Maya Erdelyi painstakingly painted and scratched hundreds of feet of vintage 16mm stock, which has been used as a visual bed for the film. Erdelyi and artist Alexis Ross did the SAMO/Fab Five Freddy texts and lettering by hand. Aaron Rose and filmmaker/animator Thomas McMahan then assembled of the final piece together in the edit.

A film by Aaron Rose and Thomas McMahan
Music by N.A.S.A. featuring Kool Kojak and Fab Five Freddy
Animations by Maya Erdelyi and Alexis Ross

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The 10 Best Art Exhibitions Of 2011 | COMPLEX

January 04 2012 . 11:02pm

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The Exhibitionist video | Art in the Streets

August 14 2011 . 01:11am


A man and his suitcase take an extraordinary pixilated journey through MOCA’s exhibition Art in the Streets at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, as works by BANKSY, RAMMELLZEE and KENNY SCHARF come alive all around him.

Directed by brothers Mark Osborne (MORE and KUNG FU PANDA) and Kent Osborne (ADVENTURE TIME, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS), this short film was created in an improvisational fashion during three very busy days at the museum.

This film was made in collaboration with the Levi’s Film Workshop and Happy Product, Inc.:

Produced with the generous support of the MOCA –

Original Music and Sound Design is by Pete Houser

And get the short film MORE in HD at iTunes:

And don’t forget to get some BABYCAT:

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