July 12 2007 . 12:32pm

The Rise of the Seventh Letter
Mad society kings
By Shelley Leopold
Wednesday, July 11, 2007 – 12:00 pm

Once you know what you’re looking for, your sixth (make that your seventh) sense will kick in and you’ll start seeing them everywhere — on empty walls surrounding vacant lots, on the ramparts of the L.A. River, along freeways, on billboards… everywhere. To the cold, blank spaces of our urban canvas, the throw-ups and pieces bearing the marks of The Seventh Letter crew add color, beauty, a bit of danger perhaps, and, increasingly, legend. Not since the postmodernist heyday of Pollock and Picasso has the art world been host to such a decidedly macho milieu…

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Dice Magazine x The Seventh Letter

May 31 2007 . 08:21pm

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Juxapoz x Revok x Boost Mobile x The Seventh Letter x Known

May 31 2007 . 08:11pm

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KAZE Magazine x QP MSK x Letters First Asia x The Seventh Letter

May 31 2007 . 11:05am

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Fader magazine x The Seventh Letter x Letters First

May 21 2007 . 03:55pm

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