April 15 2009 . 12:19am

Just found this on

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REYES for Dj Hideo

April 04 2009 . 02:31am

Here are two pieces I created for project Hideo Benefit. My prayers are with you and your family.
-Victor Reyes

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REYES | Mispelled series

April 03 2009 . 04:10am

This is the first Lettter in the Mispelled series. I painted this one on Market st. I am doing the entire alphabet in the city of San Francisco keep an eye out.

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REYES | Mispelled 4/26 work in progress with STEEL

April 02 2009 . 02:39pm

Find out more at:

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The Loss Prevention x SEVER x Skate All Cities

March 20 2009 . 02:29am

In conjunction with the team over at Skate All Cities, The Loss Prevention has produced their Inaugural Limited Edition skateboard decks designed in-house by Known Gallery artist SEVER. Printed in Los Angeles, and featuring the OG masked pied piper of graffiti, Zorro, getting sweated coming up on deadstock "Scotty" Rustos. Available in three sizes and individual colorways, a small quantity of signed, numbered, and sealed decks will be available shortly at as well as at The Loss

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