Danny Trejo x Estevan Oriol x David Choe

September 01 2010 . 03:30am

SA Studios was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox to produce a series of viral videos promoting the film "Machete" starring Danny Trejo. Estevan Oriol directs this second lifestyle video in the series, revisiting Danny Trejo’s neighborhood where he grew up and interacting with fans at car shows in East LA.

SA Studios orchestrated a true meeting of the minds when it introduced Machete star Danny Trejo to world-renowned visual artist David Choe. Inspired by Danny’s iconic face, David Choe crafted original poster art based on Machete as a tribute. SA Studios was on-hand to capture this unique pairing and document the creation of David Choe’s original Machete art.

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Exclusive Machete premiere photos by ERIBERTO ORIOL

August 30 2010 . 04:21am

Find out more at: eribertooriol.com

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