El Mac | Rapt Studio

February 07 2013 . 07:14am

Rapt Studio commissioned artist El Mac to do a large scale mural in the main atrium in Adobe’s Lehi, Utah building. The piece depicts a young girl drawing and represents the ideal that Adobe’s employees and those who use Adobe’s products approach creativity with the same childlike innocence.

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August 10 2012 . 11:33pm

Find out more at: mac-arte.blogspot.com

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EL MAC in Canada

August 23 2011 . 03:04am


Find out more at: elmac.net, thefakestore.com

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Recap photos EL MAC | The Humble and Sublime

October 19 2010 . 10:21pm

Source: nomag.ca


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New El Mac painting in Chelsea, New York

October 19 2010 . 09:30pm

El Mac got to do a bit of painting in New York while visiting for his solo show at the Joshua Liner Gallery.


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