New Known Gallery artist | Mike Shinoda

March 12 2009 . 04:13am

My name is Mike Shinoda. �I play in a band called Linkin Park. �I try to split my time between my band and my art…this is a page about my art. �

I have a�BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of�Design, and spend a lot of time painting and working in the computer to create pieces that I feel capture something about the strange experiences I’ve have wile working and traveling. �In the past few years, I’ve been able to show my stuff at a number of great galleries, and�had the pleasure of�collaborating on pieces with�SEEN,�Gary Baseman,�DALEK, Greg CRAOLA Simkins, Mr. Hahn, and Jeff�McMillan. �

My most recent show, entitled "GLORIOUS EXCESS BORN," was a sold-out�event at JANM in Los Angeles. �I think my favorite piece from the show was called "ICON"–an eight foot tall paint and digital print piece made entirely of thousands of tiny dollar signs. �Fans lined up around the block to see the art, and the venue saw its highest one-day store sales in history. �Upcoming�shows include "GLORIOUS EXCESS DIES" at JANM later in 2009, and a TBA�show in New York in early 2010. �

I try to make every effort to donate the sales of his art to charity.�Proceeds from my art shows benefit Music For Relief (

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The Seventh Letter does all the new artwork for Linkin Park’s PROJEKT REVOLUTION

April 05 2008 . 03:47am

Thank you to: Tal (DCMA), Trish Evangelista, Mr. Hahn, Mike Shinoda and the whole LP family!
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The Seventh Letter x SURU x DCMA x MONTANA paints Linkin Park The Shadow of the Day video

October 16 2007 . 02:02am

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