RISE RASTA x 123KLAN print available now

May 10 2013 . 01:47am



18 x 24 in. 5 colors, screenprinted in USA
Limited edition of 100 pieces.

Available exclusively at: bandit-1sm.com

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Revok | 1313 Milwaukee Limited Edition Print on 1xRUN

March 17 2013 . 12:55am

Revok To Release “1313 Milwaukee” Limited Edition Print On 1xRUN – Will Be The First & Only Print from Recent Detroit Body of Work.

REVOK Returns to 1xRUN With 1313 Milwaukee
Only Print To Be Made of REVOK’s Recent “Detroit” Body of Work!


WHAT: Infamous Los Angeles Artist REVOK returns to 1xRUN with his second print release “1313 Milwaukee” . This is one of REVOK’s final pieces from his Detroit-based body of work, and will be the ONLY print that will be made from this series. “1313 Milwaukee” is a 30 x 30 Inch Hand Deckled Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Water Color Cotton Paper – Edition of 200.

WHERE: This print, more images, an exclusive artist Q&A and additional information are available on 1xRUN at 1xrun.com/runs/1313_Milwaukee

ARTIST STATEMENT: “Eventually I kind of came to this realization that I wasn’t interested into trying to recreate what it is I do outdoors. I am much more interested in the world itself that I have been submerged in for the last 23 years while painting and exploring the cities I have traveled to and lived in, not what it is I personally have been doing, but what I have been experiencing. The idea of creating work reflecting my personal graffiti “style” or something like that wasn’t interesting. I find graffiti much more engaging when it is graffiti. When you try to make it anything else I think you lose what makes it relevant and interesting in the first place.

Since I came to Detroit two years ago I’ve been making these assemblage pieces that are composed of bits and pieces of the city, it has definitely been a moment in time, and now it is nearly done. I made this body of work from here, about here, all made while I was living here and now I’m leaving, so that’s going to be finished. This will be the only print that I’m going to produce of this body of work. When it’s done, it’s done.” – REVOK

Read More In the Full Exclusive 1xRUN Interview with REVOK as he talks about 1313 Milwaukee, his recent time spent here in Detroit and much more at 1xrun.com/runs/1313_Milwaukee




ABOUT Revok: Revok has been writing graffiti for the past 23 years. He has worked around the world and created one of the most influential styles of recent memory. His current body of work, Ordinary Things was created and inspired from his time spent time in Detroit. The recent body of work has been shown to critical and fan acclaim in Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and London.

ABOUT 1xRUN: 1xRUN is the premier online destination for exclusive one of a kind artwork. Working with leading and emerging artists from around the world, 1xRUN is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe.

MORE Information at: 1xRUN.comRevok1.com

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REMAIN IN BALANCE | Steven Harrington | Published by Case Studyo.

March 05 2013 . 11:03pm

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A Lighting project by Steven Harrington.
Published by Case Studyo.
About The Collaboration
With his latest Case Studyo collaboration, California artist Steven Harrington takes his
exploration of balance to a whole new level. Working with wood for the first time ever,
Harrington has turned the totem-like structures of his Remain in Balance series into three
whimsical, anthropomorphic lamps. Each one represents the harmony we seek in our
daily lives, an inspired and inspiring reminder of the importance of equanimity.
Harrington’s Remain in Balance lamps are hand carved and hand painted with the utmost
care; the hand-splattered linen drum lamp shade adds a bright punch of color to the
natural, organic feel of the sculpture. Each lamp is a functional work of art that
illuminates, literally and figuratively.
Lamp Specs
Designed by Steven Harrington
Published by Case Studyo
Hand carved Beech wood, Tulip wood, Meranti wood and Pine
Lamp shade: Hand painted natural linen
Packaged in hand screen-printed cardboard box

Limited Edition of 12 pieces for each lamp design
Additional pieces made to order
Sculpture release date – March 7th, 12noon PST
To order please contact: contact@casestudyo.com

About Steven Harrington
Cited as the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetic, Los
Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his bright, iconic
style that encourages a two-way conversation between the artist and viewer. There’s a
timeless quality to his playful yet contemplative work, which is inspired by California’s
mystique, vastly diverse landscape, and thriving mix of cultures. Embracing a
multimedia approach, Harrington’s portfolio includes large-scale installations made of
plaster and stone, handscreened prints, limited-edition books, skateboards, and
sculptures. Alongside his personal work, Harrington co-founded both the acclaimed
design agency National Forest and pop-art brand “You&I.” He has exhibited artwork in
Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago,
Philadelphia, Montreal, Melbourne, and Dallas.
About Case Studyo
CASE STUYDO is a publisher and producer of artworks by a broad range of
contemporary artists. Because CASE STUYDO is inspired by the changing boundaries
of the art world, different forms of creative expression, and the abolishment of
predefined rules, their catalog isn’t limited to a certain style or visual language.
The CASE STUDYO artworks are the result of a unique collaboration between the
studio and the artist. Existing artwork is not reproduced, rather each piece is a new
creation, an interaction between CASE STUDYO and the artist which creates its own
story—a case study—resulting in a unique object, released in limited editions. Our
collaborations result in fine artworks, furniture, or other functional objects that strive to
push boundaries a bit further while sharing today’s most interesting art. CASE STUDYO
doesn’t operate out of a gallery; they work directly with artists and collaborate with their
representing galleries. Available works can be acquired through their contact page.

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Limited Edition The Seventh Letter x Art Share LA t-shirt available online

March 04 2013 . 08:25am

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VICTOR REYES | Down for you | February 23, 2013 | 8 – 11pm

February 28 2013 . 02:34am


VICTOR REYES | Down for you
Opening reception: February 23, 2013 | 8 – 11pm
Show runs: February 23 – March 9, 2013

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Down For You” is a new body of work from Victor Reyes

Victor Reyes has dedicated more than half of his life to painting. Commitment is evident in his work and is a constant theme in the tradition of the graffiti movement. Dedications are hallmarks, written in tribute for the memory of those who came before us and for those who have departed. “Down for you” is a collection of paintings in oil and spray paint that conjure up an imaginary world of pigments and memories.

These pictures are the building blocks of a new painting language for Victor Reyes. Classical references are deconstructed in primitive strokes to complete these anti-portraits and landscapes. The meanings derived from these pieces are multifaceted. Plain objects, stretched across color fields that combat the frame work to which they are bound and tethered, reveal the excitement of destruction. The momentum and rhythm of these movements obscure earlier marks of beauty and begin to decompose the subject into forms less recognizable.

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