Too many badges!

September 28 2006 . 08:08pm

Here’s a few of the artist badges that Young Savannah has made for the VIP paint bucket invites!
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September 19 2006 . 08:26pm


Pusher of The Seventh Letter Crew works on his mocks for his new book. The book will have a limited release during the Letters First Asia tour. For for more info
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Eric Haze busting out for Letters First show

September 16 2006 . 03:05am


Find out more at

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Young Chew & Horse

September 14 2006 . 04:21am


Young Chew and Horse working on the Letters First traveling Journal. We are producing a journal book for everyone on the Letters First Asia tour. These journals will be filled out throughout the tour and givin back to later be part of the 300+ page Letters First book that will drop in 2007.

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Montana spray paint

September 14 2006 . 03:04am

Here’s some of the goodies going in the VIP buckets. Montana spray paint… this should be another fun trip to Asia.
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