Mono Shout book | Alessandro Gottardo

March 09 2011 . 03:41am

Editorial clients partial:
The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Esquire, Newsweek, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler, The Atlantic Monthly, Forbes, Wired ,Runner’s World, Plansponsor, Fortune, The Financial Times, Le Monde, Guardian, Esquire, The Economist, The Daily Telegraph, New Scientist, GQ, The Times of London, Minimum Fax, Internazionale, Annabelle, Random House, Penguin Books, Viking,

Advertising Clients: DDB UK, Young&Rubicam UK, BBH UK, Fallon US, BDM US, TWBA

GOLD MEDAL Book Category – Society of Illustrators New York 51TH
SILVER Medal Institutional Category- Society of Illustrators New York 53TH
SILVER Medal Advertising Category- Society of Illustrators New York 53TH
SILVER Medal Book Category- Society of Illustrators New York 53TH
GOLD AWARD Spots Society Of Publication Designers
David P. Usher Memorial Award – Society of Illustrators New York 49TH
Gold Package Design "International London Award"
Gold Pixie Award TV spot with J.J. Sedelmaier Produtcion
Gold medal 3×3 Pro Show No. 7 – Advertising category
The Chicago Athenaeum "Good Design" Award 2007 GRAPHICS / PACKAGING for "JETLAG" books series
Merit Award, cover magazine category, Society of Publication Designer 2008
3th Alt Pick Award 1th place jury vote single illustration
4th Alt Pick Award 1th place jury vote series illustration

New Visual Artist for 2007 – PRINT Magazine
Illustration: "Style And Substance A Visual History" by S. Heller & S. Chwast
"The future of the illustration" By Steven Heller & Marshall Arisman
"All the Art That’s Fit to Print (And Some That Wasn’t): Inside The NewYork Times Op-Ed Page" by Jerelle Kraus
Illustration Now V.2 by J. Wiedemann; Taschen
American Illustration Annual
Society of Illustrators Annual
The Society of Publication Designers Annual
Communication Art Illustration Annual
3×3 Magazine Pro Annual
Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide (Luerzer’s Archive)

Alessandro Gottardo faces Jetlag 1 (published by 27_9, Milan, 2006)
Alessandro Gottardo faces Jetlag 2 (published by 27_9, Milan, 2007)
Mono Shout (published by 27_9, Milan, 2010)

Available at:

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Keegan Gibbs – OPEN SPACE at Known Gallery | 01.15.2011

December 28 2010 . 07:36pm

KNOWN GALLERY and RVCA present the first solo photo exhibition by
installations with SAGE VAUGHN and BRENDAN LYNCH

Opening: JANUARY 15th, 8-11PM
Runs: JANUARY 15th – FEBRUARY 5th, 2011

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036


"The ocean is and always has been the epicenter of my existence on this planet. I am an aquanaut on a thruster in this ever amazing and boundless liquid energy. I have optimized and streamlined my life to ensure maximum time gliding across water. Every choice and relationship, all decisions and waking thoughts (and most dreams) are influenced and infused by the pull of the tides, the whiff of an offshore breeze, and the lucid corduroy lines gracefully stampeding towards the coast.

I go to the sea to surf, to bond with friends or to be alone, to let out aggression or to find inner peace. The moving ocean is my solid ground. The moment one stands up on a board, propelled by a wave racing across the sea, one is only aware of the present – nothing else. I have never found any other way to achieve that absolutely pure and meditative mindstate.

Open Space is my expression of the state one falls into while floating weightless off shore, looking out to sea, hoping and waiting for the next set. Troubles are isolated far away on the unreality of land, while you are free in the truest reality of water. It is a timeless unspoilable state that cannot be ruined, not even by the angry local that may be slashing your tires and waxing your windows simply because he doesn’t want to share some waves. To a surfer it’s an understandable act of necessary evil to keep an ungoverned subculture in form, and from it breaking into full bore beach-blanket-bingo havoc.

Open Space is a collection of images, collages, and installations that evoke the balance in my life."

-Keegan Gibbs

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PUSH – Divided Attention |

November 07 2010 . 04:45pm

A note from Bobby Hundreds: This is one of those shows where it’s more important to see it in person.. Divided Attention has only 1 more week left, so don’t short yourself!

Find out more at:

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PUSH – Divided Attention |

November 07 2010 . 04:59am

Opening night of Divided Attention and Work/First at Known Gallery by

PUSH – DIVIDED ATTENTION & Carl Rauschenbach – WORKS/FIRST | Show ends November 13th, 2010

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PUSH x Carl Rauschenbach (CR) opening | Willie T

October 24 2010 . 08:52pm

Find out more at:

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