Hattar Mural project in San Rafeal

July 20 2009 . 04:25am

Here are some pics from this weekend’s Hattar Mural project in San Rafeal, I am almost done, but the Reyes, Steel, Lango and Margaretta all finished up tough. You can see more photos at: amandalynnpaintings.blogspot.com

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Goorin Bros art show July 25th 2009 | San Francisco

July 08 2009 . 08:58pm

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Inconic Interpretations Art Show

May 06 2009 . 07:14pm

Inconic Interpretations Art Show
is an art show displaying the images created by the thought and devotion of an ’Icon’.

The opening will be held at:
the former Lukas Stained Glass Studios
152 Helena Street
San Francisco,CA 94124

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Artists :
Prairie Prince  www.prairieprince.com
Pete the Painter  www.undergroundcolors.com
Nick Lukas
Amandalynn  www.amandalynn.biz
Sharon Collins
Stan Peskett  www.Stanpeskett.com
Lucien Shapiro www.Lucienshapiro.com
Marcus Pacheco
Stormie Mills www.stormie.com.au  
Margaretta Jo  www.myspace.com/margarettajo
Megan Shaffer
Aunia Kahn www.auniakahn.com
Matt Gil  www.MattGil.com
Tim Wallingher
Michael Holman
George Mead www.Wetstudios.com
Wythe Bowart  www.wythebowart.com
Robin Grass
Cyril Jordan
Paul Knotter  www.PaulKnotter.com 
Charlie O’Hanlon www.charliesplace-sf.com
Catherine Murty
Moira Lukas
Sue Grazier
Nikki Lukas
Dela Longfish
Holly Ellis  www.bigdummyhead.com
Erin Ashford  www.ErinAshford.com
Lango  www.Langotattoo.com
Bob Carrau
Jamai Lowell  www.animalinstinctsapparel.com
Jon Weis
Lingam and Yoni


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Lango Oliveira | Pandamonium

April 28 2009 . 03:43am

Find out more at: knowngallery.com/lango

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Reyes and Lango | Medusa finished

April 13 2009 . 12:12am

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