JON LAKE | STREET BEAST opens October 5, 2013 at Known Gallery

September 24 2013 . 02:38am


Opening reception: October 5, 2013 | 8 – 11p
Show runs: October 5 – 19, 2013

Known Gallery / Project Room
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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Judith Supine and Alia Shawkat opening recap by Sunny Phono

September 18 2013 . 09:57am


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Judith Supine | Thanks for Nothing preview

September 14 2013 . 08:33pm

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HUFFINGTON POST | Street Artist Judith Supine And ‘Arrested Development’ Actress Alia Shawkat Team Up For Exhibition

September 14 2013 . 08:15pm


Only in Los Angeles could a street artist and a television star team up for an art exhibition that is legitimately worth seeing.

The unlikely art show, called “Thanks For Nothing,” features miniatures and large scale paintings from street artist Judith Supine along with Alia Shawkat’s dark humored multimedia drawings. A biting electricity aligns the two disparate artists, whether a streak of neon in Supine’s tiny collages or a sarcastic commentary in Shawkat’s scrawled characters.

Supine’s series explores the hypnotic, even spiritual powers hidden in the banal aspects of contemporary American life. Supine, a street art scavenger who describes himself as “pastiche of lost and found,” combines sacred and profane aspects of American culture with little breathing room between. From cigarette boxes to lottery scratch cards, the weight of certain American staples becomes almost divine, if only for a short time, before the remains of are lost or discarded. Supine created over 80 miniature collages, using throwaway materials like dirty magazines and lotto tickets with grand ideas of race, sex and death.

The project space contains new work by Shawkat, a self-taught artist mostly known for her sense of humor onscreen. Shawkat’s caustic wit translates smoothly onto her frantically paced drawings, which combine acerbic squiggly narratives and flowing color washes. Harnessing universal human conditions of shame, rage and insecurity through bizarre and absurd channels, Shawkat proves that the more horrific a situation, the funnier it is.

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Victor Reyes x Cohn & Wolfe Los Angeles

September 05 2013 . 05:34am

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