Keegan Gibbs x Sage Vaughn x Brendan Lynch | Kohshin Finley

January 15 2011 . 06:48am

Photos: Kohshin Finley

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Rivera & Rivera Gallery and Known Gallery at Photo LA

January 14 2011 . 05:04pm

Come check out the Rivera & Rivera Gallery’s booth at PhotoLA in Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. In partnership with Known Gallery they will be displaying KC Ortiz, Keegan Gibbs, Willie T, Ruediger Glatz, Estevan Oriol, Eriberto Oriol in an amazing setting designed and painted by Retna. Show runs January 13th-17th.

Find out more at: /

Photo LA
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
1855 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405.


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Keegan Gibbs x Sage Vaughn x Brendan Lynch installation

January 14 2011 . 06:30am

Photos: Kohshin Finley

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SOFT | Keegan Gibbs

January 11 2011 . 08:38am

"I made this video piece in the summer of 2008. My friend Leo and I have been enjoying these empty surf sessions together, riding funky boards and soft-tops right on the sand in inches of water, gliding on knee to waist high waves that normally people discard as junk. Grinding along shore, you get a context of your speed as the dry sand whizzes by you just inches away. Finally, after a year or two of doing this, I set out to capture the mood of it. Shot on Super 8, and then projected on a wall and filmed with my digital video camera, it gave it this real natural feel that lends itself to the raw enjoyment we have had with these sessions.


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N.A.S.A. “Way Down” video | Art by Sage Vaughn

January 11 2011 . 08:10am

Art by Sage Vaughn

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