Kanye West | The Life Of Pablo temporary store @ Known Gallery

May 25 2016 . 03:45am

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Source: hypebeast.com

Photographer: Aaron Miller/HYPEBEAST

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Kanye West | Runaway

October 25 2010 . 08:39pm

Find out more at: KanyeWest.com

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Peep LOGORAMA | THE MOVIE if you get the chance

September 16 2009 . 02:12pm

Last night Revok, Young Kay, Willie, The Agenda Team and myself were invited by Angelique at Charm School to peep the FLUX Screening Series at the Hammer Museum and damn I’m glad we didn’t miss it! The Coldplay joint was super sick, Spike Jonze x Kanye West was amazing, but LOGORAMA is the best thing I’ve seen since I can remember!

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Reza Dolatabadi’s graduation film Khoda

March 05 2009 . 07:57pm


This five minute video was made by Reza Dolatabadi as his graduate film in college. It took over two years to complete and is comprised of 6,000 individual paintings shown at a rate of 20 per second.

Thanks Kanye West

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